Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Munroe Falls —

Traffic complaint

Railroad gates stuck down: Police responded to the North Main Street railroad crossing at about 7:30 p.m. Jan. 21 after the crossing gates became stuck in the down position in connection with a snowplow getting struck by a train on Bailey Road in Cuyahoga Falls. Police said a CSX railroad crew arrived and repaired the gates.

Open doors

Doors found unsecured at schools: A police officer on patrol reported finding an unlocked exterior door leading into the kitchen of Kimpton Middle School off North River Road at about 12:30 a.m. Jan. 19. Under similar circumstances, police said they also found an open exterior door on Dec. 23 and an unlocked door on Dec. 20 at Kimpton, also during the night. Police said that also on Dec. 23 during the night, they found an unlocked exterior door at Riverview Elementary School off North River Road.

Police said that in all cases, they checked the school and did not find any sign of criminal activity.


Noise caused by a skunk: Police said that after a man reported hearing a suspicious noise in his back yard in Silver Valley Boulevard’s 100 block at about 3 a.m. Jan. 17, they discovered the noise was caused by a skunk.

Car warming up: Police said that after they responded to a home in Donaldson Drive’s 200 block after receiving a report that a vehicle was in the garage running with the garage door half up at about 7:20 a.m. Jan. 15, a resident of the home told them she was warming up the car and had the door partially open to vent the exhaust fumes.

Property damage

Truck hits light pole: A city employee reported that a garbage truck struck and knocked down a light pole in Cheltenham Lane’s 200 block during the day Jan. 17. Police said the matter was reported to FirstEnergy Corp.


Woman reports phone scam: A Munroe Falls woman reported Jan. 5 that she was tricked into purchasing multiple gift cards totaling $4,000 in value and providing their numbers, as well as her bank account information, to an unidentified person over the phone.

— Stow —

Drug possession

Man charged with felony: A Heatherwood Court man, 25, was charged with fifth-degree felony drug possession following a traffic stop on Heatherwood near his home at about 9:15 p.m. Jan. 15.

The man was also charged with misdemeanor operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, blood alcohol content, and marijuana possession. Police said they found a prescription stimulant the man allegedly did not have a prescription for in his vehicle. The man’s BAC measured at 0.281 percent, more than three times the 0.08-percent legal limit, said police. He was taken to Summit County Jail.

Meth found in purse: A Kent woman, 35, was charged with fifth-degree felony drug possession and misdemeanor theft and drug paraphernalia possession after police responded to a report that the woman tried to leave a store in Kent Road’s 3500 block without paying for clothing and lipstick totaling nearly $190 in value Jan. 9. Police said they found suspected meth and a meth pipe in the woman’s purse. She was taken to Macedonia City Jail.


Woman reports attempt: A woman reported Jan. 12 that someone tried to break into her home in Maple Road’s 2000 block during the night. Police said a front window screen was opened slightly and there were footprints leading to the window. In addition, a rear window screen was out of position, the rear screen door was found open and an object, possibly a key, was broken in the rear door’s keyhole.

Suspect fled: A man reported seeing an unknown male trying to break into his home by breaking the lock on a kitchen window in Edgewater Drive’s 4600 block during the early afternoon Jan. 9. The man said the male ran when he realized someone was home, then left the area in a van that had been parked in the man’s driveway.


Package stolen from home: A man reported Jan. 12 that someone stole a package containing clothing and jewelry of unspecified value after it was delivered to his home in Hibbard Drive’s 1900 block several days earlier.

Trailer stolen from business: An employee of a business in Hudson Drive’s 4900 block reported Jan. 9 that someone stole a 12-foot enclosed trailer of unspecified value from outside the business during the previous five days. The employee said the trailer had been secured with a locking mechanism, which was also missing.

Oven stolen from porch: A Medina woman reported someone took an antique stove used as a decoration and a set of keys of unspecified values from her mother’s front porch in Buckworth Court’s 3700 block during the afternoon or evening Jan. 7.

Criminal damaging

Tires slashed: A Maplehurst Drive man and woman reported someone slashed two of their vehicle’s tires while it was parked outside a restaurant in Lakepoint Corp Drive’s 4300 block during the evening Jan. 11.

Grass damaged in park: Two Stow boys, both 17, were charged with criminal damaging after police responded to a report that a car the two boys were in was driven into snow covered grassy areas in Silver Springs Park, damaging grass and a baseball field, during the late afternoon Jan. 11. Police said the car became stuck in mud and had to be towed out. The boys were referred to Stow Youth Services in lieu of filing the charges in Summit County Juvenile Court and each was released to a parent.