MACEDONIA — City Hall was evacuated for less than an hour after a ventilation system motor burned out and set off a smoke alarm at a little before noon Friday, said Fire Capt. Brian Ripley.

“All three stations responded and it was handled,” said Ripley.

He said that when the fire department responded to the smoke alarm, smoke was found in City Hall’s front vestibule and the building was evacuated, including the city’s senior center in the basement community room.

“The seniors were sent home,” he said.

Ripley said unrelated to the smoke alarm, at around the same time, toilets in basement and ground floor restrooms also began overflowing. This caused some flooding, particularly in the basement since water from the ground floor was pouring into the floor below through a light fixture.

Ripley said the cause is uncertain, but it is believed it was a pressurization problem.

Due to the flooding, the senior center remained closed, said Ripley, but employees were allowed back into the building at around 12:30 p.m.

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