Owners of older homes in Hudson will continue to have access to an important free program that helps them protect, maintain and improve their properties.

Hudson Heritage Association has renewed its partnership with the city of Hudson to grant owners of older houses free access to the extraordinary Heritage Home Program.

The Heritage Home Program provides free technical assistance, personalized site visits and low-interest loans — as low as 2 percent — for qualifying projects. Any Hudson resident living in a house 50 years or older can take advantage of the Heritage Home Program.

The program’s personalized site visits are done by a construction specialist from the Cleveland Restoration Society who will visit the home, examine the structure and evaluate any potential repairs that are necessary and appropriate. Homeowners interested in renovations, remodeling projects or home additions can also benefit from site visits. The specialist will be able to review home improvement projects and answer home repair and maintenance questions; make recommendations on maintenance, repair, rehab, additions and modernizations; provide information on local contractors; help homeowners review contractor bids and estimates; offer advice on energy efficiency methods; provide guidance on appropriate materials, supplies and resources; and give recommendations of appropriate exterior color schemes.

The goal is to ensure all work enhances the home’s value and character.

"Owners of older homes know they can be a challenge," said Don Husat, co-president of Hudson Heritage Association. "But they also know that older homes offer better materials, more character and, in Hudson, at least, more value.

"The Heritage Home Program makes it easier for homeowners to tackle repairs or renovations and to maintain the historical integrity of their unique home," he said. "Hudson Heritage Association is proud to continue to partner with the city to bring this program to residents free of charge. We encourage residents to take advantage of it, for any project."

To learn more about the Heritage Home Program or schedule a site visit, call 216-426-3116 or visit www.HeritageHomeProgram.org.

The Heritage Home Program is available to Hudson residents through an investment/partnership from Hudson Heritage Association and the city of Hudson. Over its 25-year history, the program has helped hundreds of homeowners in Northeast Ohio. Hudson is the only community in Summit County that participates in this valuable program.

Founded in 1962, Hudson Heritage Association works to protect Hudson’s historic buildings, the village streetscape, and the city’s Western Reserve architectural aesthetic. HHA encourages the preservation of historic buildings by providing research, resources and education to homeowners who wish to maintain their historic homes. The association co-sponsors the city’s work with the Cleveland Restoration Society. HHA also works with building owners to help them meet historic marker requirements and identifies those buildings with the HHA historic marker. 

The association celebrates the history of Northeast Ohio by publishing books and newsletters, conducting workshops and field trips and hosting monthly meetings that feature preservationists, historians and craftsmen. For more information, visit www.HudsonHeritage.org or search "Hudson Heritage Association" on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.