STOW — At-Large Councilmember Mike Rasor has put the brakes on a little known law in the city of Stow — a requirement for bike owners in the city to obtain a license from the police department.

Rasor introduced legislation at Thursday’s City Council meeting to strike the licensing rule from the books. Rasor describes the move as "part my plan to repeal outdated and overintrusive laws." Failure to comply with the licensing requirement could result in a minor misdemeanor charge. Rasor’s City Council colleagues unanimously agreed, voting to repeal the law.

"Oh boy," one woman posted on Rasor’s Facebook page last week "I passed a couple law breakers the other day. One looked about 5 and the other, an adorable 3 years old."

Law Director Amber Zibritosky says she checked with the police department "and our records indicate that no one has ever been cited for not having a proper bicycle license." Zibritosky notes the city does offer a free voluntary bicycle registration program for residents with the goal of identifying bikes in the event they are stolen or lost. "My understanding is that only a couple dozen residents a year take advantage of this voluntary and free service," Zibritosky says.

"I doubt it’s been enforced heavily, or else I would’ve heard about," Rasor posted on Facebook. "Either way I think it’s dangerous to have rarely enforced laws on the books, because it creates opportunity for government to oppress certain unfavored groups."   

Reporter Ellin Walsh can be reached at 330-541-9419, or @EllinWalsh_RPC.