Submitted by Lynn L. Remly

The Friends of the Hudson Library are opening their annual membership drive this week, hoping to draw support and volunteer hours from teens and adults throughout the Hudson area.

The Friends regularly take donations of books, CDs and DVDs, which they sort and shelve in the group’s sale room at the entrance to the Hudson Library and Historical Society. The members conduct sales on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and midweek (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays), as well as offering occasional pop-up sales in conjunction with library events. Dates and times of sales are posted on the sale room door, on the library’s web site, and on the group’s Facebook page, along with a price list.

As a result of the sales, the Friends contributed $27,000 over the past year to supplement the library’s budget. This additional cash is used mainly to purchase adult, children’s and young adult materials that might not have been originally projected.

The dedicated book sorters and sellers contributed more than 800 volunteer hours between August and November this past year. That’s the equivalent of 20 weeks of full-time work in just 5 months — a pretty impressive tally, and one that both emphasizes the commitment of volunteers and explains the success of sales. The group would love to have new members join, working as sorters or sellers.

For those who cannot commit time to the Friends sales, membership contributions are also an important means of showing support for the group and the library. Friends memberships are available for as little as $15 for an individual, and all moneys received — which are tax deductible — go to the library.

As part of the annual drive, membership materials are being mailed to current and past members, and forms are available in the Friends sale room and on the Friends website. The group is accepting credit cards for membership contributions that are paid in the sale room. Consider joining the Friends to support the library.

For questions contact Friends President Lynn Remly at