NORTHFIELD CENTER — Closing out the year at a special meeting Dec. 21, township trustees approved temporary appropriations of $1.69 million for the first quarter of 2019.

Of that total, $371,250 is included in the general fund, the breakdown of which is as follows: Administrative, $204,900; lighting, $8,000; parks and recreation, $8,500; zoning, $13,450; and highway maintenance / leaf program, $105,000.

Appropriations for other funds are as follows: road and bridge, $361,525; motor vehicle license tax, $4,000; gasoline tax, $80,000; police district, $523,750; inheritance tax / interest / miscellaneous, $10,000; wheelchair lift / ADA fund, $1,000; ODNR recycle and litter prevention, $200; cash performance bond, $20,000; permission motor vehicle license tag fund, $5,000; and unclaimed funds, $3,062.

Final appropriations for the first quarter of 2018 were $355,850 in the general fund and $1.67 million overall.

The Summit County Budget Commission has determined that residential and agriculture real estate value in the township for 2019 is $140.1 million, with other property value at $20.33 million and public utility personal value at $2.96 million for a total valuation of $163.35 million.

The budget commission also determined tax levies to be collected in 2019 will generate $1.84 million for the township.

The breakdown of those levies are: Road improvement, $218,848; police fund, $224,466; police fund, $468,959; police protection, $153,990; fire and EMS, $312,640; general, $351,206; and road and bridge, $111,079.

In final action Dec. 21, trustees appointed Verner Rudder to the board of zoning appeals and Gregory Yakich to the zoning commission, effective Jan. 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2023.

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