First Energy has contracted with Nelson Tree Service to trim trees around First Energy’s power lines in the city of Tallmadge.

According to a post on the city’s Facebook page, as a courtesy, Eric Shane with Nelson Tree Service advises that starting today, he will be going door-to-door informing homeowners of the tree trimmings.

Mr. Shane will be wearing a bright yellow jacket and carrying identification. He will be driving a white truck with Nelson Tree Service lettered on it and yellow flashing lights. He plans to attempt to personally contact homeowners to let them know what will be going on, but when a homeowner is not home or does not answer the door, he will leave a printed notice on a door. There will be times he will have to access properties to check on the power lines behind the home. The entire program will take several months.

This first phase will include properties on and around South Avenue, East Avenue, South Munroe Road and Southwest Avenue.