During the holiday season food and gift shopping increases, and inevitably, so does the amount of trash and recycling. 

The Hudson Environmental Awareness Committee reminds residents of some recycling basics to make this season less wasteful.

Recycling markets are in a state of flux since China announced it will no longer accept certain recyclable materials from the United States. This decision quickly trickled down to affect what can be recycled in curbside pickup.

Empty plastic bottles and jugs still are being are accepted. This includes items like water and soda bottles, shampoo bottles, milk, water / juice jugs, laundry detergent jugs and bleach bottles. They should be emptied, rinsed and the lids removed. 

Clam shell containers, lids and caps are no longer accepted. Additionally, under no circumstances should plastic bags or films be put in curbside recycling because they can clog the sorting machines. Keep plastic bags and films separate and take them to one of several local drop off locations usually located in grocery stores and other retail establishments.

When it comes to paper and cardboard, broken down boxes, newspaper, office paper, mail, magazines and cereal boxes are accepted. Do not put shredded paper in curbside recycling, as the sorting machines cannot capture the small fibers. Pizza boxes are not accepted because of contamination from grease.

Cartons such as those used for milk, juice, soy or grain milk, stock/broth and soup are accepted. Cans are great for recycling. Regardless if they are aluminum or steel, they are both easy for recycling facilities to sort, and the material is easily reclaimed. Items like metal hangers, scrap metal, and pipes are not accepted at curbside, but can be taken to one of several local scrap yards.

In a recent development, glass is no longer being accepted curbside.

Regarding electronics and household hazardous waste, there are several options for proper disposal locally. These items should never be put in a curbside bin. Reworks has a location that is open in the summer for disposal of hazardous waste. Visit www.summitreworks.com for information about when they are open and what materials are accepted.

With the decorating and gift-giving season here, Christmas lights, toys, plastic packaging, tissue paper, ribbons and many types of wrapping paper are not recyclable and should not be put in curbside bins. When in doubt, throw it out.

The city also offers the Merry Mulch Program to recycle Christmas trees into mulch. City crews will pick up live Christmas Trees during the week of Jan. 6 and again the week of Jan. 20. Trees should be placed out on the tree lawn prior to the first day of each pickup week. For more information about this free program, visit www.hudson.oh.us.

Finally, the Environmental Awareness Committee urges residents to reduce and reuse when and where possible. Phase out or eliminate single-use plastic items like grocery bags, drink cups, straws and water bottles. Consider it a holiday gift to planet Earth.

For more information on recycling visit www.summitreworks.com or the Environmental Awareness Committee page at www.hudson.oh.us.