NORTHFIELD — At its Nov. 14 meeting, Village Council OK’d purchasing road salt for the 2018-19 winter season and a new ambulance for the fire department.

Council voted to purchase a guaranteed allotment of 875 tons of salt from American Rock Salt through the Community University Education Purchasing Association at a price of $105 a ton if ordered and delivered prior to Dec. 15. The total amount would be $91,875.

However, any salt purchased and delivered from the firm between Dec. 15 and March 31, 2019, would cost $115.50 per ton. Council also authorized the village to purchase salt from Cargill Inc. at $79.82 per ton if supplies are available and able to be delivered.

In late October, Council had approved the purchase of 875 tons of salt from Mid-American Salt at $102 a ton — a total of $89,250 — but Service Superintendent Jason Walters told Council Nov. 14 that firm apparently could not guarantee the amount requested, so CUE obtained a quote from American Rock Salt.

Walters previously had told Council the village had about 125 tons on hand, and it typically uses between 900 and 1,200 tons each winter.

CUE’s primary quote from Cargill was $79.82 per ton, but the firm said it could provide only about half of the tonnage the CUE communities requested and could not guarantee delivery until after Jan. 1.

Walters added the village paid $48.47 a ton last year, which Finance Director Tricia Ingrassia said amounted to a total of $46,287. Walters said the typical amount spent on salt each year is about $50,000.

“It’s been a horrible situation with salt this year,” said Walters. “Prices are very high. We’ll keep the roads safe, but we’ll be as conservative as possible with usage.”

In other business, an STS Medix Ford 250MR transit ambulance will be purchased from Penn Care Inc. for the Ohio term sheet price of $73,587. 

The purchase ordinance states the village must replace its backup ambulance for local operations and use in connection with the EMS service agreement with Northfield Park Associates.

Lt. Joe Zemek said the department hopes to order the new ambulance as soon as possible, and it will take about three months for delivery.

In other matters, a concern was raised by Councilman Keith Czerr about lack of parking for ball games at Huntington Park. Mayor Jesse Nehez said the village is looking at a couple of lots it owns nearby to create a parking lot.

Czerr had asked whether the city could approach Norfolk Southern Railroad to see if cars could park in its nearby right-of-way, but Nehez responded that area is actually in the Macedonia city limits.

Village Engineer Richard Wasosky said the Ledge Road improvements project is complete, except for “a few punch-list items.” He said village officials will check in the spring to make sure the seeding of grassy areas turns out OK.

He said he has updated his recommendations for road paving in the next six years, and informed Council that asphalt and concrete costs are rising after several years of leveling off.

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