HUDSON — Two dozen students from Hudson City Schools, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy and Western Reserve Academy participated in Hack 18 on Nov. 14.

Modeled after a typical "hackathon" in which students tackle software and computer problems, the event also focused attracting young people to the Hudson community. It took place at the Allstate Risk Management Business Center, located at 75 Executive Parkway. It was part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Upon arriving to the event, the 24 students were briefed on the software problem and then randomly assigned to a team to consider the problem from new angles. Throughout the day, teams engaged in creative problem solving and collaboration.

The teams discussed having the city pay back student loans for young adults; implementing a youth advisory board for Hudson City Council; launching a new marketing campaign that highlights how these proposals would impact the Hudson community; and whether there was a well thought-out plan associated with the solution. 

Ultimately, the judges liked the idea of a youth advisory board presented by Amy Fulton, Sadie Mrakuzic and Mooshan Singhal, all students at Hudson High School, and Juliana Zie, who attends Western Reserve Academy. Their team was awarded $1,000.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is sponsored by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, Hudson City Schools, The Learned Owl, City of Hudson, Hudson Library and Historical Society, Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce; Cuyahoga Falls Christian Academy, Western Reserve Academy and Destination Hudson.