HUDSON — Even as he celebrates his 37th Ohio House District victory, City Council member Casey Weinstein said he knows that at least one person apparently takes issue with his religious beliefs.

Weinstein said that on Monday morning prior to the general election, he and his wife discovered someone left a packet containing a note and some computer printouts on his North Westhaven Drive home’s front porch during the night. Weinstein said the printouts were of things he retweeted concerning Jewish causes and organizations on a Twitter account he deactivated some time ago, before he held elective office.

Weinstein said the items “hit just a little too close for comfort and our friends suggested we file a police report to get it on the record, and we did.”

According to the police report, while there was “nothing threatening written,” a note said, "As a concerned member of the Hudson Community, I wonder why Casey Weinstein decided to delete his twitter account? Are his views in line with yours?"

“We took it as an affront on our religious beliefs and something that was left anonymously and a little bit threateningly is kind of how we took it,” Weinstein said.

The report said Weinstein told police he only wanted to document the incident and they are not investigating it.

Weinstein said that given recent events, he finds the suggestion of anti-Semitism disturbing, but he also feels optimistic the views of whoever left the packet are not widely held.

“In light of the recent shooting at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh and the rise in hate crimes across America, this anonymous note scared my wife and had me concerned for the safety of our children,” he said. “The police recommended we invest in a security camera, and we have done so. I do not believe this event is representative of our community and would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support.”

Reporter Jeff Saunders can be reached at 330-541-9431, or @JeffSaunders_RP.