Central Christian


Zach Raber

Central Christian Middle School

Fifth Grade 

Zach's calm, positive attitude creates a classroom environment where students thrive. Zach's recent planning for Outdoor Education resulted in a memorable hands-on learning experience that extended beyond the walls of the classroom.

Dave Risser

Central Christian High School

Pre-Calculus, Statistics, AP Calculus, AP Physics, Anatomy and Physiology

Over his 44 years at Central, he’s been a teacher, coach, mentor and friend to many students every year. Alumni from the last three decades come back to see Dave because of the way he prepared them for success through his teaching and relationships.



Ashley Koroshazi

Chippewa Intermediate School

5th Grade Math

Mrs. Koroshazi has a love for teaching that emulates from her classroom, encouraging her students to grow and learn as well as everyone she comes into contact with at school. Her passion goes above and beyond, creating a Math Club for our students last school year and a Kindness Club for all students this school year.

Ken Gasser

Chippewa Junior/Senior High School


Mr. Gasser has a passion for mathematics, as well as his students. He teaches advanced math courses, including CCP, AP and Robotics. Mr. Gasser's dedication to the teaching profession has led to his students having immense success on AP exams and at Robotics competitions.



Krista Miller

Dalton Elementary


Mrs. Miller consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all of her students in her classroom. She comes in every day with a smile on her face and a willingness to help.

Briana Gallagher

Dalton High School

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Gallagher is exceptional at learning about her students’ needs in the classroom and works hard to make sure every child is being successful in the classroom and life. She also commits a lot of her free time to help out all students at Dalton High School and providing community support.


East Holmes

Jody Ferrell

Mt. Hope Elementary School

1st and 2nd Grades

Mrs. Ferrell has become a very positive influence on our younger students at Mt. Hope School. Her positive fun-loving attitude in the classroom radiates throughout our building.

Michelle Mishler

Hiland High and Middle School

Multi Disabilities Classroom

For engaging students in learning academic and independent skills; for creating valuable hands-on experiences through the classroom coffee shop and school duties.



Donya Orr

Northwestern Elementary School


Donya has been an art teacher at Northwestern for 13 years. The talent she has as an artist and teacher at the elementary level is unsurpassed in quality and expectations.

Kelly Woodruff

Northwestern High School

STEM Biomedical, Biology, Geology

Kelly began our Biomedical Program 13 years ago and has trained teachers nationally in Biomedical for over a decade. She has led to dominance regionally and statewide at Science Fair and state and national HOSA competitions as well as leading excellence in Science and STEM at Northwestern and beyond, through sharing with and educating other colleagues.



Angela Deiotte

Norwayne Elementary

5th Grade Science

Angela has served the Norwayne district for 20 years and pushed her students to perform well academically, She has demonstrated leadership with her roles in organizing Miles for Madison and serving as the education association president.

Eric Ratica

Norwayne High School

Music/Director of Bands

Eric goes above and beyond in his commitment to the district. He has been involved with many extra-curricular functions that enrich our students’ lives such as serving as the OMEA District 6 treasurer, receiving the NAMM Foundation award for Best Community for Music Education, playing on Cleveland Browns Drumline, co-chairing the turf committee, working sound booth for all musicals and plays, teaching a Google elective class and helping DJ our school dances.



Carrie Jones

Orrville Elementary


Mrs Jones goes above and beyond to connect with families, communicate with them and include them in learning experiences. She makes a great first impression on her students about the excitement of learning.

Kay Shue

Orrville Middle & High Schools


Mrs. Shue has a passion for vocal music and she passes that onto students and it is evident in the classroom and performances.



Rachel Seymour

Rittman Elementary

First Grade

Mrs. Seymour ensures that all students are successful through individualized instruction, engaging projects, and regular progress checks. She also takes photos of the students on a daily basis that she posts to social media for parents to see their children being educated.

Cari Leatherman

Rittman High School


Mrs. Leatherman is knowledgeable about her subject, but more than that, she is highly engaged in student life. She interacts with students through student council, taking pictures at student events, and ensuring the Rittman’s presence on social media.



Cindy Madding

Green Elementary School

Elementary Intervention Specialist

Cindy loves the students that she serves and she excels at meeting each child's specific learning style. Her approach makes learning fun and her students work hard to grow and improve.



Julie Moore

Franklin Township Elementary


Julie is an outstanding kindergarten teacher who has motivated and inspired the students of Franklin Township for 26 years. Students enter her classroom with various reading abilities and leave with a true passion for lifelong learning.

Melinda Werstler

Triway Junior High School


Mindy has been instrumental in building our STEAM program throughout the district. She consistently gives her time and energy outside of the school day to enhance programming at Triway through the creation of new educational opportunities.

Wayne County Schools Career Center

Joann Tabellion

Patient Care Technologies

Joann is extremely dedicated to the success of each student in her class. Her compassion for students and patients is evident in everything she does.

Sarah Andrasik

Senior English

Sarah's organization and care in lesson planning is unmatched. She creates a fun and productive learning environment to ensure the success of her students every day.



Rachel Speelman

Holmesville Elementary

Autism Classroom

Rachel is a master of her craft and loves what she does. She also works with other teachers to help them better understand behaviors of all students and offers suggestions or strategies to support all learners.

Julie DeMassimo

Waynedale High School

Intervention Specialist

Julie models compassion, commitment and dedication to her students and peers. She is a master teacher who not only is an expert in education but an expert in teaching from the heart.


West Holmes

Mindy Hans, West Holmes Middle School

Social Studies - 6th Grade

Mindy Hans has done an outstanding job of incorporating Language Arts into our Social Studies curriculum. She is an outstanding leader in her field and always has the kids best interest at heart.



Kristen Smith

Cornerstone Elementary

Grade 2

Kristen is passionately dedicated to helping each child grow academically and also to providing needed services. Kristen has organized a haircut program at Cornerstone that has provided nearly 50 free haircuts to students since the beginning of the school year, with more scheduled for the winter.

Jennifer Snowbarger

Wooster High School


As the recent recipient of the Jones Foundation Outstanding Teacher Award, Jennifer serves as more than a math teacher. She currently coaches the varsity volleyball team and in the past she has worked both statewide and locally to develop curriculum, has served as the Math Counts coach and was a class advisor at WHS.

— — Administrators from all Wayne and Holmes counties’ high schools are encouraged to nominate teachers for recognition in The Daily Record Amazing Teacher program. For more information, email tdaniels@the-daily-record.com.