MUNROE FALLS — Hochee Sushi Burrito and Hibachi opened its doors on Sept. 27 to hungry patrons looking for a new way to eat sushi.

“I travel around the country a lot and two years ago when I was in California I had a sushi burrito and I really liked it,” Xin Lin said. “I kept trying it at a lot of different stores and I then just made this recipe and the sauce by myself.”

He said what attracted him to the sushi burrito concept is it’s size.

“When I eat sushi I think it’s too small,” he said. This was a welcome variation to the Japanese food he loves. “This was a good idea, combining sushi with a burrito,” he said

Hochee (”delicious” in Mandarin Chinese) is located at 14 S. Main St. (Route 91) in Munroe Falls, the former home of the Great Wall restaurant owned by Lin’s father, Cheng Kui Lin. The space is about 1,700 square feet with areas for ordering and dining.

The dining room seats 22 people. On nice days, up to six people can sit at tables out front. The ordering area has a long counter similar to Chipotle where the customer can watch their sushi burrito being made as they decide what they want in it.

“I want people to create their own sushi roll,” Lin said. “People have different tastes in food. I think this is more creative cuisine.” Hochee specializes in fresh food options and homemade sauces. 

For a DIY sushi burrito, they start with a seaweed wrap and white rice. A soy wrap and brown rice are alternatives. Step 2 is protein, cooked or raw. The list includes shrimp, crab, chicken, beef, eel, tuna and salmon. Step 3 is fruits and vegetables. Options include lettuce, avocado, red cabbage, carrots, corn, edamame, cucumber, pineapple, mango, chick pea and seaweed salad. Step 4 is the sauce. 

Sauces include yum yum, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo, green chili, eel sauce, and ginger dressing. Step 5 is toppings (optional) including tempura crumbs, fried onions, sesame seed, kimchi and pickled ginger.

Signature sushi burritos include the Shrimp Lover, Kimchi Beef or Chicken, Classic Salmon, Skinny Sumo and the American Dream. Customers have the option of getting the sushi burrito in a bowl. That is called a sushi poke. Signature sushi pokes include the Tuna Poke, Salmon Poke, Grill Chicken Poke, Tempura Shrimp Poke Tofu Poke.

The menu has a section for hibachi dishes including kids meals. Hochee also offers some unique beverages such as their milk teas and bubble teas. These are sweet, cold drinks made with tea, milk and sugar and can have chewy toppings dropped in such as tapioca balls or fruit jelly.

Lin has three employees including his wife, Quixia Lin. Two of the workers are full time and one is part time. 

Feedback has been good, according to Lin. He said everyone who came in on opening day has been back, and there have been favorable reviews on Facebook.

Lin said he is doing what he loves, but owning a restaurant was not what he originally set out to do. Encouraged by his father, Lin majored in computer information systems at Kent State University. He’s a graduate of Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent.

After graduating from KSU, Lin worked as a web designer in New York for a couple years before returning to Ohio. When he told his father his dream was owning his own restaurant, his father helped him get started. 

“I really like to try new foods and then make them for others to try,” Lin said.

Hochee Sushi Burrito and Hibachi is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday; closed Sunday. The phone number is 330-686-8888.

Reporter Steve Wiandt, can be reached at 330-541-9420, or @SteveWiandt_RPC.