Crime Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Criminal Simulation

Counterfeit payment for dog: A Tammery Drive resident reported Sept. 26 that she had sold a dog to a stranger for $125 in cash. Later that day, the woman said she and her husband went to a restaurant in Stow and attempted to pay for their meal with some of the money the stranger had provided; however, the woman said a restaurant employee advised them the $20 bills they tendered were counterfeit. Stow police were summoned and confiscated the bills. Since the couple had shopped at a nearby store prior to eating, they contacted the manager of that store. The manager was able to track down the money the couple had used during a transaction there and set it aside for the police. While the Tammery Drive woman could provide a description of the stranger and her vehicle, she was unable to give police any other information.

Breaking and entering

Storage unit theft: On Sept. 28, a Brittain Road resident, 35, reported $700 worth of DVDs as well as a $250 sausage-making machine and a red Ambien kitchen mixer, valued at $65, had been stolen from a storage unit.


Undercover customer: On Sept. 29, a 57-year-old Akron woman allegedly left a store in the 600 block of South Ave. without paying for $274 worth of groceries. According to the police report, the suspect had previously been warned against returning to the establishment due to a prior shoplifting incident. The woman was subsequently discovered to have an outstanding warrant for shoplifting issued by the Fairlawn Police Department.

Ring missing from behind microwave: On Sept. 25, a Maca Drive resident whose home is on the market reported a five-stone diamond ring valued at $2,400 missing after an open house. The woman told police the ring had been placed behind the microwave before she left the residence in advance of a showing, but was missing upon her return.

Stolen check reported: A North Thomas Road woman reported Sept. 24 that someone stole a check, possibly from her mailbox, forged her name and cashed it for $226 at an Akron business Aug. 13.

Check cashed for $600: A Juniata Road resident reported Sept. 26 that a check that could have come from his wife’s stolen purse had been forged and cashed for $600. The man said his wife’s purse had been stolen in Akron last April.

Telecommunications Fraud

Unauthorized purchases: Between Aug. 8 and Sept. 2, someone used several different credit cards to place at least six fraudulent orders totaling $27,788 to the account of a customer of a Southeast Avenue business. The orders were shipped to two addresses in Georgia. 


Son was trespassing: A West Avenue woman called police Sept. 27 at around 9:30 a.m. to report her 18-year-old son, who was wanted on a warrant for criminal trespass, was sleeping at her home. Police arrested, booked and released him, according to the report.

Domestic Violence

Police signed complaint: Police responding to a domestic violence call Sept. 28 around 1:30 a.m. at a Melody Lane residence arrested a 32-year-old man who they determined was the primary aggressor in a physical altercation with his girlfriend, according to police. Police signed the complaint because the girlfriend did not wish to press charges, the report said.