MACEDONIA — City Council has approved continuing to offer three services to seniors, with the condition they likely will be discontinued if the 0.25 percent income tax hike on the Nov. 6 ballot fails.

Ordinances approved Sept. 27 will allow a refuse collection subsidy and provide for free snow removal and gutter cleaning services for senior citizens who meet certain requirements.

Officials said the snow removal and refuse collection services have been offered for several years, while the gutter cleaning service was instituted a couple years ago.

The estimated total cost to the city for the services is $35,250 ($15,000 each for trash collection and snow removal and $5,250 for gutter cleaning). The per push rate for snow removal will be $12.50.

To receive free refuse collection, seniors must be at least 65 years old and/or seriously disabled, provide proof of age and/or disability and income, and their income must not exceed 100 percent of the most recent HUD very low-income limit for the Akron area.

To receive a one-time gutter cleaning, residents must be at least 65 years old and/or disabled and have nobody living in the home capable of cleaning the gutters.

Their income level must not exceed 100 percent of the most recent HUD very low-income limit for the Akron area, and proofs of age and disability with a current physician’s statement are required.

Proof of income also is required, and the mayor has the discretion under extraneous circumstances to increase the income threshold on a case-by-case basis.

The gutter cleaning ordinance also authorizes the mayor to enter into an agreement with Valley View Property Management to provide the service.

Finance Director Rhonda Hall said seniors who do not meet the other qualifications can get a slightly reduced rate for snow removal and garbage collection.

"By providing these programs, we are trying to help people who are most in need," Council President Jan Tulley said.

Senior residents can get more information about the three programs by stopping in at City Hall or calling 330-468-8382.

In other matters, Council approved amendments to the 2018 appropriations for additional expenditures, including funds for lighting of one ballfield at Longwood Park.

Hall said $136,000 of the lighting cost will come from Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council grants over the next three years. NOPEC is a governmental retail aggregator that purchases electricity and natural gas from suppliers.

Hall said the total cost of the lighting and ballfield improvements project is $188,000, which means the city must chip in about $52,000. The city’s share will come from golf course proceeds, which can only be used for parks and rec improvements.

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