The Hudson Heritage Association will again honor Hudson’s finest historic restoration and preservation projects.

HHA has opened nominations for the Hudson Heritage Association Preservation Awards, which recognize, honor and celebrate historic Hudson properties — including houses, commercial buildings, nonprofit organizations, publicly owned buildings and landscapes — that have been preserved or restored within the last five years.

"Hudson is home to hundreds of historic properties, many of them restored by devoted owners to their original beauty and character," said Inga Walker, HHA co-president. "We believe it’s our job at Hudson Heritage to highlight and honor these projects for their commitment to Hudson’s unique historic streetscape."

To be eligible, a restoration or preservation project must be located within the city of Hudson; have been completed on or after May 1, 2013; involve a structure that’s at least 75 years old (built in 1943 or earlier); and follow the U.S. Dept. of Interior’s Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Historic Structures.

Property owners are welcome to self-nominate. Individuals or groups nominating a project are asked to notify the property owner. Deadline for nominations is Jan. 31, 2019.

The awards will be judged by an impartial panel of experts who will consider the historical accuracy of the project and the appropriateness of materials.

Winners will be notified in early April 2019. Winners of the inaugural HHA Preservation Awards, awarded this past spring, included the Western Reserve Academy’s Chapel and President’s House. Case-Barlow Farm’s bank barn earned an honorable mention for its ongoing restoration.

"These awards aren’t for only expensive, full-house preservation projects," Walker said. "We encourage people to nominate smaller projects too: a porch restoration, plasterwork, landscaping, restored windows, anything done to protect, preserve and highlight a property’s history.

"Owning a historic property in Hudson is a joy, but it’s also a responsibility," she added. "Hudson Heritage Association is eager to honor and celebrate the projects that have embraced this responsibility to our town’s architectural history."

Founded in 1962, Hudson Heritage Association works to protect Hudson’s historic buildings, the village streetscape and the city’s Western Reserve architectural aesthetic. HHA encourages the preservation of historic buildings by providing research, resources and education to homeowners who wish to maintain their historic homes. The association co-sponsors the city’s work with the Cleveland Restoration Society.

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