TWINSBURG — An occupancy incentive agreement between the city and Intigral Inc. will pave the way for the glass manufacturer to relocate about 100 jobs to the city.

The incentive — approved by City Council on Sept. 11 as a Twinsburg Occupancy Program grant — will provide about $40,000 in non-tax revenues per year to Intigral over a 10-year term beginning in 2019.

"This is an expansion of an existing business that is taking over a larger space to grow their product line and employee base," said Yates. "We are fortunate that Intigral has made the selection of Twinsburg to continue to grow its business, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship."

Director of Planning and Community Development Larry Finch told Council that the firm wishes to move its operations on Midway Drive in Twinsburg and in Walton Hills to a 130,000-square-foot Dutton Drive building that is currently vacant.

"We are very excited to continue to grow in Twinsburg," said Intigral President Jason Thomas. "It is a tremendous new space for us, and will satisfy our needs and be a beautiful corporate facility."

The vacant building soon to be occupied by Intigral formerly housed GED Integrated Solutions, which is in the process of moving to Glenwillow, taking with it about 110 jobs.

Finch said he and Mayor Ted Yates discussed the potential move and offered TOP incentives in November of 2017, and Intigral is now ready to move forward with the consolidation.

In its application for the incentive package, Intigral promised to retain the 33 full-time and 18 part-time employees working at its facility in the city and bring 75 full-timers and 25 part-timers from its Walton Hills location.

The company reported it pays about $1.24 million annually to its Twinsburg employees, while payroll for the new employees coming into town would amount to about $13.67 million over three years.

The city will provide an annual grant from non-tax revenues (fees, fines, forfeitures, etc.) equal to 33 percent of the increase in payroll withholding tax collections received by the city over the amount collected in 2017.

Finch said that would add up to an estimated $400,000 over the 10-year period. Intigral officials estimate the total investment in the new Twinsburg building would be about $4.69 million.

"We started the occupation program as an incentive to attract businesses to our vacant buildings," said Finch. "It’s better to have buildings occupied and people working in them than having them set idle.

"We were happy to work with Intigral and get this agreement put together. We believe it will be a net gain in tax revenue over what the city was getting from GED."

Founded in 1987, Intigral is a leader in manufacturing insulating glass units for the window and door industry. According to the firm’s website, founder Dick Dietrich and Edmund Leopold are well-known for insulating glass innovations since joining forces in 1974.

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