STOW — The school district has been approached by the Ohio Department of Education, in conjunction with the city, to chip in half for a $22,000 study to look at ways to alleviate traffic congestion near the high school.

Several school board members seemed leery of the proposal at their Sept. 10 meeting, which would have the city of Stow and the district pay about $11,000 each.

Superintendent Tom Bratten said ODOT was researching ideas to improve traffic in that area. Possible ideas could include changing the traffic patterns in the area and constructing a roundabout, and the study would include evaluating the high school parking lot.

"They would take that data and come before the board," Bratten said.

Board President Lisa Johnson-Bowers said she was "not really fond of" the idea.

"It seems we spend money on things like this, and nothing ever gets done," Johnson-Bowers said.

Johnson-Bowers said that she felt the after-school traffic wasn’t so much of an issue, but "the morning can be."

"If you don’t get to school early, you do get backed up to the elementary school, because of the left-hand turn," she said.

Board member Gerry Bettio said the high school "has revamped the parking lot several times already."

"Moving the buses to the back was great; it alleviated the problem," Bettio said. "We can’t help the left hand turn."

Bettio said there used to be a traffic attendant in the parking lot to help move traffic. Bratten said the district may want to consider using a police officer.

Bratten said that ODOT was interested in doing a presentation for the board.

"We can certainly hear them out," said Board member Jason Whitacre.

The superintendent admitted he wasn’t crazy about one of ODOT’s proposals.

"Sixteen-year-old drivers scare me," he said. "Then throw in a roundabout."

A/C units nearly complete

Bratten said during the meeting that the installation of the a/c units "will be done by the end of the week."

"It’s a matter of going around the district and cleaning up," Bratten said.

The superintendent added he received "an awful lot of thank yous" for putting in the air conditioning units.

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