Cuyahoga Falls native Colleen Pallone has opened a new art based business, Sunshine on Silk, in the Summit ArtSpace building, 140 E. Market Street in Akron.

Customers are given the exciting experience of water marbling to make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, 100 percent silk scarf.

Water Marbling on paper began in Japan in the 10th Century. It was called Suminagashi, meaning "floating ink" and was traditionally done in black and gray tones. Artists blew on the paint floating on water to create different patterns that were then printed when the paper was placed on the water. In 15th Century Turkey, colors were used in a water marbling technique called Ebru, which means "cloud art." Ebru used brighter pigments than the inks involved in Suminagashi. Ebru artists also used sticks or combs to drag the pigments in the water. This allows the artist to make a wide variety of patterns, including swirls and crisscross. 

Today, Sunshine on Silk brings this art form to a whole new level by instructing customers on how to drip paint into a prepared tray. The eco-friendly treated water makes the paint float. Once the tray is filled with color, the fun begins and the customer gets to "paint" on the moving water. Using rakes and combs, they can decide to do a traditional water marbling pattern, or move the paint on the water with a stylus to get creative with their own unique design.

When the design is complete, a six foot 100 percent silk scarf is laid onto the paint/water. Instantly, the bright vivid paint colors permanently adhere to the silk and customers go home with a beautiful creation to enjoy for years to come. No two designs are ever alike and the possibilities are endless.

The studio is open for any occasion. Individual or group appointments, private parties, birthdays, girls night out, Mother’s Day, bridal parties, retreats, reunions, trade shows, corporate team building, sales meetings, charity fundraisers, book clubs and wine clubs.

For more information, see, or call Sunshine on Silk, 330-731-1886. Studio Time Appointments for individuals and groups, Parties in our Studio and larger Events in Summit ArtSpace are available.