Kristen Blyler, 16, a member of Girl Scout Troop No. 90010, has earned her Girl Scout Gold Award.

Blyler is a junior at Twinsburg High School and has been a member of Girl Scouts since kindergarten. To earn the Gold Award — the highest award a girl can earn — Scouts must fulfill all the requirements, including being in high school, being at either the senior or ambassador level of Girl Scouts, having completed the appropriate level journeys and completing a community service project.

Blyler designed, built and installed mason bee houses around the Twinsburg community. Mason bees are excellent pollinators and are vital to plant life and food supply. The bees are native to Ohio and are non-aggressive. Mason bees tend to nest in holes like reeds or pre-existing holes in wood.

By building and installing the bee houses, Blyler said she could have a lasting positive impact on her environment. She worked with Stanley Stine, Twinsburg naturalist, to plan the houses and to locate appropriate areas for placement. Fellow Girl Scouts helped with the building and painting of the houses. Many of the houses are located at Liberty Park near the stone house. One of the houses placed in Chamberlin Park (home of Twinsdays) is dedicated to her deceased uncle, who was her father’s twin.

In addition to being an active member of her troop, Blyler serves as Girl Member-at-Large on the GSNEO Board of Directors, is actively involved in Venture Crew No. 4929 and is baritone section leader for THS marching band. The remaining two girls of Troop No. 90010 are also working on their Gold Award projects. There will be a combined celebration in the near future.