Twinsburg city officials report that during the week of Sept. 4, pavement milling base repairs and intermediate asphalt paving will be done on Ravenna Road between East Idlewood Drive and Whitewood Parkway.

Meanwhile, construction on Route 91 (Darrow Road) between Glenwood Drive and Lisa Lane will begin Sept 5.

Work anticipated for the remainder of 2018 includes:

• Private utilities will continue to be relocated on Darrow Road from Glenwood Drive into Solon.

• The contractor will work on the west side of Route 91 relocating fire hydrants, performing waterline lowering and storm sewer improvements between Lisa Lane and Glenwood Drive. This work will utilize flaggers during construction hours.

• Once water work is complete, temporary pavement is to be installed on the west side of Route 91 and traffic will be shifted onto this pavement around the end of September, allowing two-way traffic to continue during construction.

• The contractor then will install storm sewers from Ethan’s Drive to Glenwood and construct the road widening on the east side of the pavement. Officials anticipate shifting traffic back to the east side by the end of the year.

Construction is anticipated to be complete in fall 2019.