This is in response to Chris Schillig’s Aug. 29 column titled, "Keeping up with Alex Jones." In the commentary, Schillig redefined Fake News by recirculating proven lies spread over the years by the far left.

How could he write such a diatribe about someone whom he knows nothing about? I quantify that question by his own admission stating that, "I’ve never personally listened to Jones’ radio show or spent much time on his InfoWars website." Schillig also stated, "I’ve not made an intensive study of the man or his positions." How can Schillig write such a commentary when he never listened, read or studied Alex Jones?

I quantify my statement here because I’ve listened to the Alex Jones show for the past 18 years and have even been on his program a few times. Jones’ show frequently touts "Tomorrow’s News Today" and over those 18 years I can state without any hesitation that the statement is right on the mark.

Jones is a patriot and is constantly attacked by the left and was recently banned on most of the "popular" social media platforms. Other conservatives (Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Drudge, etc.) are next on the list. This is why many of those who disagree with his style are coming to his aid and defending his First Amendment rights.

Schillig’s byline states "Left of Center" and he has proven it. While I despise what he wrote, I stand by his First Amendment right to write it. What Schillig needs to realize is that he could be next on the ban list and should support that right and not ignorantly condemn those practicing it.

Paul G. Buescher, Northfield Center