Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by Aurora police. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

Damage reported: A Hudson man reported Aug. 28 that upon going to where his camper was stored on South Chillicothe Road, he found a crack in the front window that he believed was caused by someone shooting it with a BB gun. An officer who responded determined "it was more likely gravel that was kicked up that damaged the window," according to Aurora police.

Trespassing: A Shaker Heights woman and a Mayfield Heights man were charged Aug. 26 with criminal trespass, a fourth-degree misdemeanor, after they allegedly trespassed on private property clearly marked "no trespassing" at the former site of Geauga Lake/Wildwater Kingdom on Squires Road, according to Aurora police.

Bank fraud: An Aurora man made a report Aug. 26 after being alerted by his bank's fraud department that an unknown person or persons were making purchases without his consent. Merchandise totaling $221.28 was purchased and a transaction for $68.89 was declined before the card was canceled.

Pills found in parking lot: An Aurora man brought a bag of pills to the police station Aug. 26 after finding them in a parking lot on North Aurora Road. The pills were placed in holding to be destroyed.

Fence damaged: Criminal damage or vandalism to a Greenbriar Drive resident's fence was reported Aug. 25 and believed to have happened sometime the night before. No value was given for the damage.

Man found driving under suspension: After officers noticed Aug. 25 that a license plate on a vehicle traveling on South Chillicothe Road was obscured by the windshield, they stopped the vehicle and spoke to the driver, a Maple Heights man. When officers ran the plate, it came back to a different car and they found out the driver had a suspended license. A search of the car, which smelled of marijuana, yielded no contraband and the driver was cited for driving under suspension and given a verbal warning for improper display of plates, according to Aurora police.

Woman found dead in garage: Officers responded at 3:43 p.m. Aug. 24 to a residence on Crystal Lane for a report of an elderly woman found laying on her garage floor. She had been found there by a Solon woman who came to check on her. It was determined that the victim had fallen and died, according to Aurora police.

Pills fell out of bottle: An Aurora woman who found pills at her North Chillicothe Road workplace on Aug. 24 turned them in to police. Later, a Kent man who worked at the same location brought with him the correct pill bottle that had contained the pills, which had fallen out of his bag at work, according to Aurora police.

Mailbox struck: A Page Road woman reported Aug. 23 that a vehicle had struck her mailbox but did not stop to report the damage. A report was completed.

Domestic incident: Officers were dispatched Aug. 23 to a store on North Aurora Road for a reported domestic dispute between an Auburn woman and a Minerva man. It was found that the argument was verbal only and no physical contact had been made. The two people explained they were in a relationship and agreed to "separate for the day and take a break," according to Aurora police.

Suspicious person: An Emerald Court resident contacted police on Aug. 22 after a suspicious person claiming to be with her insurance company came to her residence. After the woman notified her insurance company, she was told they had not sent anyone to see her. The complainant was told to call police if the person came back.

Collision reported: Two Aurora women were not injured after their cars collided Aug. 22 on private property on West Garfield Road, with one rolling into the vehicle in front of it. Only minor damage was reported.

Car drove by stopped bus: After an Aurora resident reported Aug. 22 a car passing a stopped school bus picking up children on North Aurora Road, the Maple Heights woman who was driving the offending car was contacted by Aurora police "and advised (of) procedures of operation at a school bus displaying flashing lights," according to Aurora police.