CUYAHOGA FALLS — Several trees along the east side of Front Street near Gorge Metro Park are scheduled to be removed Friday for safety reasons, according to a city official.

Pro Tree is going to remove six to 10 trees and trim some others, said Kelli Crawford-Smith, the director of the Neighborhood Excellence, Communications and Community Outreach Department. She noted that Pro Tree handles non-utility line tree removal for the city.

"We do not anticipate that the road will need to be closed, though we will likely have lane closures," she added.

Crawford-Smith said the trees slated for removal are "leaning and have been determined to be a safety hazard," and added the city arborist recommended taking them down.

The trees being removed represent a variety of species, said Crawford-Smith, who added, "the exact age of the trees is unknown."

She said the final cost of removal depends on the amount of time it takes to perform the work. The trees are across the street from the Gorge Metro Park parking lot, but Crawford noted the trees are in the city’s right of way.

Councilmember Mary Ellen Pyke (R-2), who said she has called city officials a couple times this year about trees falling on Front Street, said she is "glad to see the city is taking some action."

Pyke drives along this stretch of Front Street every day and told the Falls News-Press she is concerned about driving on the road whenever it rains.

"It’s just been a major concern," said Pyke.

Pyke said she notified the city when a tree fell across the road in the spring and vehicles driving both northbound and southbound collided with it. She added she called the city in mid-August when she saw that another tree had fallen and knocked down power lines.

On July 6, a 60-year-old man died after a tree fell on his vehicle while he was driving on Front Street near Gorge Metro Park, according to the county medical examiner’s office. At that time, Cuyahoga Falls police said it was believed recent storms and high winds were a factor in the tree falling.

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