A few thoughts regarding the Aug. 26 story, "Placard may clear way through traffic." How is this going to be of any help when you are sitting in traffic backed up on the other side of State Road and the nearest deputy directing traffic is at the Northampton and Steels Corners roads intersection.? Or how about when Chart Road and Bath Road are all backed up like they have been for several concerts this year? No one is directing traffic on either one of those streets. It doesn't help the situation at all, this is just a PR move so it appears something is being done. A more realistic solution involves improving the traffic flow into the facility by reversing one of the lanes so you have two lanes going into the facility from State Road before the show and then two lanes going out after the show. There are eight months to do something before next year's concert season. I urge the City of Cuyahoga Falls, Live Nation, and the Summit County Sheriff's Office to get together to do something to improve the traffic flow into the facility.

Leonard J. Farrell, Cuyahoga Falls