STOW — By January 2019, the Great Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America, expects to move its corporate headquarters from Akron to Stow.

City Council recently approved a six-year income tax sharing agreement with the organization. The Scouts intend to purchase a 21,453-square-foot building at 4500 Hudson Drive, which Evant Inc. vacated one year ago. Patrick Scherer, Scout Executive/CEO, said his board is expected to give its final approval for the move in early October.

The move would bring 23 full-time and five part-time jobs to the city with an annual payroll of $1,219,075, according to Ken Trenner, Stow’s economic development coordinator.

Scherer says the organization has been headquartered in Akron for almost a century and has outgrown its offices at 1601 South Main St., where it’s been situated for about 35 years. 

"We’ve run out of space in our current building," Scherer says, "and we recently added Trumbull and Mahoning Counties to our service area, so (the Stow location) moves us a little further east and gives us a little bit better access to those volunteers coming in from the eastern part of our service area."

Moving into the Stow site would almost double the square footage available to the Great Trail Council, which Scherer said would provide conference space which is lacking in the Akron headquarters and allow the organization to expand its retail store. 

According to Trenner, the Great Trail Council intends to hire an additional three full-time and two part-time employees during its first three years in Stow, bringing its annual payroll to $1,534,075. 

"The total projected net payroll withholding tax benefit to the city of Stow associated with Great Trail Council’s relocation to Stow over the six years of the agreement is $133,191," Trenner reports, adding, "The estimated benefit to the Great Trail Council over the same time period would be $44,401."

Reporter Ellin Walsh can be reached at 330-541-9419, or @EllinWalsh_RPC.