Baughman Township — David W. Zacour, successor trustee to Downs Holdings Ltd., 739 S. Mill St., $100,000.

Canaan Township — Parnell Hope, successor trustee to Gray Estates LLC, 12472 Oller Road, $195,000.

Chester Township — Caitlin Karl to Bryan Lee Cosby, 6610 Rice Hill Road, $280,000.

Carl M. and Kay A. Yeagley to Michael J. and Tina M. Lemmon, 1892 N. Elyria Road, $185,000.

Laura M. Begly to Mohican Country Cabins LLC, 6714 Bates Road, $55,000.

Roy and Erin M. Woodring to Hope Twinem and Nathan R. Hartzler, 5215 Overton Road, $130,000.

Jeremy M. and Sandra M. Detweiler to Roy E. and Erin M. Woodring, 9423 Ashland Road, $200,000.

Chippewa Township — Donna L. Ellis to Tricia Bartram and Robert Bartschy IV, 15491 Hatfield Road, $160,000.

Trudy A. Brown to David R. and Elizabeth A. Dewitt, 68 Beech St., $141,000.

Doylestown — Donald L. and Sandra J. Eckenrode to Christine M. Kunch, 455 Circle Drive, $178,500.

Giancarlo and Meredith Acevedo to Adam K. Evans, 321 S. Portage St., $130,000.

Douglas E. and Shirley J. Young to The Commercial and Savings Bank, 405 N. Prospect St., $117,000.

Thomas E. and Ann T. Lilly to Christopher L. and Sarah R. Burkhart, 300 Payne St., $165,000.

Clinton Township — Richard A. and Sherril Muhlenkamp to Robert C. Gifford, 6730 Nathaniel Drive, $227,000.

Zenia M. Kemppel and Rick D. Dutton to Deborah K. Yoho, 205 E. South St., $110,000.

Congress Township — Hugh A. Jr. and Rita L. Palmer to Terry L. and Diana L. Palmer, 9921 Overton Road, $149,700.

Ronald E. and Patricia A. Dodus to Jeffrey D. Hradek, 8274 Ruff Road, $162,121.

East Union Township — Duane J. Rohr to Crickett F. Bowman and Nick Widder, 8035 McQuaid Road, $200,000.

Crist E. and Mary P. Troyer to Roman E. and Ruby R. Troyer, 2354 S. Swinehart Road, $325,000.

Joe E. and Gloria A. Miller to Joseph M. and Linda A. Eicher, 9316 Emerson Road, $275,000.

David C. and Rachelle Kick to Steven E. and Hannah R. Peppard, 636 Eby Road, $70,000.

Gerald August to Cody A. and Sara L. Mastellar, 50 Reed Ave., $139,900.

Franklin Township — Marlin M. and Nancy K. Miller to Norman D. and Tina Hershberger, Harrison Road, $50,000.

Andrew J. and Holly A. Stapel to Terry L. and Christine K. Steiner, 7416 Millersburg Road, $170,000.

Robbie Jr. and Cynthia L. White to John A., Emma A. and John Jr. Miller, 6401 Millersburg Road, $400,000.

Henry and Nettie Miller to Mahlon M. and Elsie J. Kline, 5262 Fredericksburg Road, $180,000.

Caleb D. and Juanita S. Miller to Allen D. and Linda M. Hostetler, 4006 Buss Road, $130,000.

Green Township — Pacific Union Financial LLC to Galen G. Miller, 911 W. Church St., $64,000.

Spencer L. and Stella P. Gray to Kenard E. Hughes, 608 W. Market St., $128,900.

Mary Lou Souvannavong to Brett R. Orr, 2036 Hiram Court, $189,900.

Jeffrey D. and Lisa J. Wiles, trustees, to Francisco J.R. and Tania E.R. Valls, Pebble Brook Path, $26,000.

Milton Township — Richard E. and Karen E. Mullins to Emily J. and Robert A. West Jr., 4881 Doylestown Road, $23,000.

J. Ronald Spence to Mickial and Gail E. Morris, 11655 E. Pleasant Home Road, $60,000.

Ralph E. and Susan K. Nee to Kyle E. Killough, 7079 Steiner Road, $136,000.

Mark G. Petrus and Holly A. Cromwell to Cody J. Summers and Heidi Buckingham Summers, 8187 Zigler Road, $224,900.

Orrville — Richard E. and Linda A. Thomas, co-trustees to Scot M. Thomas, 116 Hall St., $105,000.

LK Benner Rentals LLC to Steven C. and Sara L. Few, 113 Westwood Ave., $90,000.

Michael J. and Marla K. Musyt to Erika M. Stafford, 420 N. Vine St., $66,000.

Robert L. Lepley to Marni Mae and John Charles Sullivan, Smucker Road, $40,000.

Paint Township — David Mayforth to Nathan E. Keim, 16613 Konita Drive, $130,000.

Mose P. Jr. and Susie D. Miller to John H. and Arlene Miller, Salt Creek Road, $15,500.

Plain Township — Nevin W. and Margaret M. Troyer to Stauffer Land Holdings LLC, 3354 Blachleyville Road, $81,000.

Rittman — Jerry A. Corp to Nelson Property Management LLC, 44 S. Main St., $96,216.

Brenda J. and Timothy G. Fairchild to William J. and Carrie Schrock, 281 Winkler Drive, $163,900.

Elizabeth R. Runkle to Eric and Randolph J. Spitzer, 228 N. Metzger Ave., $56,000.

Salt Creek Township — Leroy A. and Mattie W. Miller to Frease Woodcraft Ltd., Frease Road, $50,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Badoja Farms Inc., an Ohio Corp. to Clair R. Wenger, trustee, East Lincoln Way, $1,157,653.

David C. and Lois R. Lustig, trustees, etal. to Jeffrey D. and Cheryl I. Mullet, Lustig Road, $270,000.

Paul F. and Lisa M. Rozler to Martin Van Gundy IV, 115 Briarwood Drive, $169,000.

Edna E. Merriman to Hally B. and Joshua Schoby,15584 Arnold Road, $185,000.

Wayne Township — Logan T. Krites to Ashley R. Groah, 6315 Cleveland Road, $100,000.

Homayoon Nayebzadeh to Steven W. Roberts, Hutton Road, $29,900.

Wooster — Bret A. Defibaugh to Samantha K. Arms, 5734 Shreve Road, $45,000.

Eckstein Family Farm Ltd. to Kirk K. Miller Properties LLC, Old Columbus Road, $1,200,000.

Paula Sisler to Matthew D. and Jessica L. Chupp, 427 McDonald St., $90,000.

Gregory P. Talese and James T. Thielens Jr. to Mary Catherine and Nancy Sementi, 2243 Friar Tuck Circle, $175,000.

Larry H. Acker to Richard L. and Barbara E. Ayers, 582 Forest Creek Drive, $163,500.

Todd E. and Bethany J. Jasin to Trisha M. Albright, 3229 Shelly Blvd., $238,000.

Myra K. Hess to Hannah M. Imhoff, 2093 Eagle Pass, $110,000.

Craig P. and Melissa J. Moses to Felicia Sillman, 528 Woodland Ave., $120,000.

Ellen L. Horst to Donald D. Gerber and Sharon A. Erwin, 1639 Oakwood Circle, $131,500.

Bradley J. and Emily K. Weckesser to Jerry Lambdin and Laura Wagner Lambdin, 438 Oakley Road, $185,500.

Gary C. Fisher to Bonnie and Larry Knox, 1820 Christmas Run Blvd., $153,000.

David G. Althoff to Steven D. and Dena L. Snyder, 1975 Christmas Run Blvd., $207,500.

Donald M. and Peggy J. Moder, trustees to Sarah J. Hysmith, 497 Memory Lane, $230,000.

Jacqueline P. and Jon J. Bouffard to Richard Clinton and L. Sue Keeth, trustees, 431 Danberry Drive, $225,000.

Clifford A. Martin to Andrew J. and Holly A. Stapel, 3504 Snyder Drive, $205,000.

Harley D. Curtiss to Neil aka Neil P. and Natasha Wood, 1395 E. Smithville Western Road, $80,000.

Alice K. Keen to Loral Properties LLC, 1311 Nupp Drive, $70,000.

RCJD Properties LLC to Two Brothers Realty LLC, 520 N. Buckeye St., $190,000.

Quad Enterprises A Partnership, to East Liberty Street Ltd., 115 S. Market St., $900,000.

Charles J. Lemon Jr. to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, 524 N. Walnut St., $56,667.

John H. and Rhonda Stoudmire to Citimortgage Inc., 419 W. Larwill St., $36,667.

Kevin W. and Kelli J. Grassbaugh to Rodney L. Jr. and Lisa A. Ickes, 1130 Point of View Drive, $118,000.

Desiree L. Lutsch to Noah D. and Lindsey L. Schenk, 326 Ihrig Ave., $146,000.

Patricia K. James to Christopher M. and Erica J. Meyer, 1701 Rosewood Drive, $271,000.

Tyson Snyder to Morgan S. Foster, 1770 Pine Cove Drive, $135,000.

Ursula A. Junker to Marvin Jackson Jr. and Beverly A. Crafton, 4311 Woodlake Trail, $261,000.

Leslie Ridill to Matthew J. and Ami K. Hammond, 1132 Serenity Lane, $280,000.

Janis I. Carlson to Glenn A. and Linda L. Kaser, 2452 Barrington Way, $165,000.

Lydia Northcross to John S. and Jill C. Stankiewicz, 972 Carriage Lane, $127,900.

Marilyn D. Loveless to Jason J. Krumholt and Christina C. Welsh, 836 Forest Drive, $170,000.

Kara B. Alberson to Sierra M. Kendall, 4728 Ogden Drive, $140,000.

Wooster Township — Carole Luke to Christopher F. and Erin B. McMillian, 3381 Crestview Drive, $95,000.

William E. and Connie Laidley Curren to Nathanael and Rebecca Steiner, 3000 Sylvan Road, $149,000.

Matthew O. Delpropost to Larry D. and Sundee L. Porter, 1475 Barnes Drive, $149,000.

Wendy L. Taylor to Nancy J. and Stephen A. Zofcin Jr. 2861 Batdorf Road, $135,000.

Gregory J. and Leesa C. Miller to Ryan J. and Tonya L. Miller, Carrie Lane, $100,000.