Fort Myers, Fla., television Station WBBH-TV 2 reported the death of Kody Scott Detling, 25, of Cape Coral, Fla., on Aug. 7.

His roommate, 24-year-old Cullen Roe called police early that morning, claiming he had stabbed Detling to death with a knife inside their condo in Cape Coral.

Cape Coral police said in a release that Roe turned himself in as soon as officers arrived.

The two men had roomed together for almost a year, said Detling’s girlfriend Katherine Ull.

Police reported that Roe said Detling had been making rude comments to him, as well as "sly" remarks about money, food, and other things.

Roe also said in a statement that he thought about killing Detling last week, but never followed through.

A report said Roe tried to choke Detling after failing to kill him initially with the knife.

The Cape Coral Major Crimes Unit arrested Roe for second-degree murder and transported him to Lee County Jail.

A memorial service took place at the National Cremation and burial society in North Fort Myers, Fla., Saturday, Aug. 11.

Detling’s obituary was published in last week’s edition. Local arrangements are entrusted to Campbell-Plumly-Milburn Funeral Home. A memorial service for his friends and family in Ohio will be held later.