Submitted by Sue L’Hommedieu, Hudson Garden Club

HUDSON — Mary Griffiths was a six grader in 1951 when Hudson Garden Club gave a pin oak seedling to her and to each of her classmates to celebrate Arbor Day. 

"It was just a little stick, thinner than a pencil," she recalls. 

Her parents helped her choose a spot in their large yard that would allow room for it to grow, and that it did. For the next 67 years, Griffiths has cared for the tree and proudly watched it grow into the magnificent specimen it is today.

Hudson Garden Club has encouraged tree planting in Hudson since 1934 and it is still one of the club’s missions. Every spring, the club presents an educational tree program to East Woods students and distributes 400 tree seedlings for students to take home and plant. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the club’s annual Hudson Home and Garden Tour help provide funding for planting trees along Hudson streets and in Hudson Parks.

Hudson Garden Club welcomes photos of garden club trees planted by Hudson residents. Send the photo, along with information about the tree, to

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