LaFlavour will brings its own flavor of musical entertainment to the Hudson Green Aug. 5 from 6 to 8 p.m.

In 1967, LaFlavour originated in Massillon. Twin brothers Pete and Steve Nervo (guitar and drums) joined with schoolmates Craig DeBock (guitar and saxophone) and Gino Milchak (bass guitar) to form the core of what would eventually become several bands. Instead of following the path set by the British Invasion, the boys began playing soul tunes and early Motown, eventually getting gigs at local dances and sock-hops. 

This early version of the band first called themselves "The Noblemen," then "The Blues Soul." By the mid-1970s, the boys had progressed into one of the hottest dance bands Northeast Ohio. Thanks to notable Akron club owner Arnie "Red" Shapiro, they came to the attention of a top entertainment booking agent.

In 1980, the Boys became "LaFlavour" with the release of the album "Mandolay," which was written and produced by Mark Avsec as well as a great composition (Rollershake) by Chris Wintrip and George Payne, and dance favorite "When The Whistle Blows."

Two singles from the album made the Billboard charts, with Mandolay reaching No. 7 on the Club Dance/Disco chart, and "Only The Lonely" cracking the Hot 100 ASA pop single. With certified success under their belts, LaFlavour was signed to MCA records.

In the 1980’s, LaFlavour was taking the country by storm in the big live entertainment showrooms found in nightclubs and hotels across the country. Since dance music was essential to the atmosphere in these rooms, LaFlavour proved to be the perfect act to insure a full house. And, being internationally famous for their hit "Mandolay," having LaFlavour on the bill was an even bigger draw.

With the arrival of electronic multi-media, and entertainment outlets such as MTV and VH-1, Las Vegas-style shows were not impressing people the same any more. LaFlavour needed a new direction to survive.

The 1990’s saw LaFlavour returning to a high-energy dance format, where they once again found success, as well as an audience from a new generation eager to experience "retro" dance music from the 70’s and 80’s. With LaFlavour, they found the "genuine article," a band with a worldwide Top-10 dance hit to their credit, capable of performing popular music from any contemporary era including the latest dance hits of the 1990’s.