Hi sweeties! Another fabulous showing of our Flxible buses was enjoyed by hundreds, as well as the Pow-Wow and tourists taking in the sights in Mohican Country, really had the valley humming with activity and that on top of swim meets and softball games, made for some interesting delays in traffic. But what a delightful weekend!

I started a column written by a MAN named Buck last week. He was writing to his friend Merrill Johnson of Johnstown and is some relation to local resident Jim Danner.

Merrill died on May 10, 1977, but with a story such as this one, his memory lives on. Here is the rest of his letter.

"I see us not in the fields with the bird dog in the fall of several years hunting quail and pheasant. I still don’t know why I ever bothered hunting birds since I couldn’t hit the things in flight.

"Other memories pass my resting eyes from the years I spent living down the road from you. Some are more faded than others, but all tell me you were an important part of my growing-up life between 10 and 20 years.

"You must wonder why I have used so much paper talking about the part of my past you belong to. I want you to know I remember, and that I appreciate the important part you played in my early life. I put this on paper because I could not tell you casually, in a conversation, that I care about you. I could not tell you that you are important to me now because you were important too as a friend, as a teacher and as a guide for many of my growing-up experiences. You added an extra dimension to my life because you spent time with men when you had to.

"I consider myself twice lucky, once for a person, much like you, who plays an important part in my own son’s life. This person adds to Joe Wayne a dimension I am not capable of providing, one that will enrich his future regardless of the course he chooses to follow.

"For these memories, for the friendship, for the guidance and for caring, belatedly, I thank you."


This article has taken me back to folks who were instrumental in my life as well. The friendship, caring and guidance I received from "Mom" Martin, Lou Gregg, Helen Kaylor, Dr. Pauline Freeman as well as my adult neighbors and grandparents has truly helped mold me into who I am today. My dad and mom were my guiding force and all I can say to everyone is "thank you!"


Birthdays of important folks this week include: July 24 – Grace Arnholt, Rick Gillette, Cody Bowman, and Gloria DeWitt; July 25 – Jeff Allerding, Stan Hoff, Jinx Schrader and Jay Byers; July 26 – Misty Gongwer and Brad Dilgard; July 27 – Gail Mowry, Tony Martin and Susie Sprang; July 28 – Don Zickefoose, Sandy Mowry and Fred Snyder; July 29 – Jonce Stull, Bruce Davis, and Sharon Linn; July 30 – Dave Hunter.

Many happy returns of the day to each of you!


I just received word that former Perrysville resident and LHS grad, Ronald Leisure, aged 71, has passed away following his long battle with cancer. His aunt, Mary Harkins, said he was residing in Salem, Ore.


Wedding anniversaries being observed this week include: July 23 – Jack and Barb Hill (their 63rd) and Sam and Vicky Stephenson (their 35th); July 26 – Ron and Kathy Lance (their 27th); Matt and Marissa Burd; Gary and Kelly Harvey and Gail and Sandy Mowry (their 44th), July 28 – Richard and Linda Shrimplin.



Finally – I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who sent cards, telephoned, visited, fixed food for us and mostly, prayed for me this past month. I had to have a cyst removed from my lower spine with involved rods, screws, nuts and bone to strengthen me after its removal.

I am recovering nicely and again may God bless each of you for your concern.