(These names are taken from the Newcomerstown Rotary Club calendar. To add a name to this list, email it to nctnews@newcomerstown-news.com at least two weeks before the birthday.)

July 11 - Cydny Buchanan, JoAnn Williams

July 12 - Earl Weinzimmer, Megan Watson

July 13 - Charles Woodby

July 14 - Randi Schilling

July 15 - Cory Lafferty, Mitchell Kehl, Abby Creager, Tiffany Wright

From the previous week:

July 3 - Rick Wright

July 4 - Donald E. Carpenter, Joan Paulun, Dianna Watson, Betty Bush

July 5 - Nancy Gibson, Lincoln Shaw, Loverne Marlatt

July 8 - Erin Peoples, Gunner Lewis

July 9 - Hannah Rae Mason, Shilah R. Robinson, Wyatt Maple