Christmas pot sent to wrong address: An East Avenue woman, 68, told police June 26 she found a package on her front porch on June 24 addressed to her late husband, originally addressed to her former address which she had moved from several months ago. When the woman opened the box, she found four soft packages wrapped in Christmas paper. She opened one of the packages and discovered it was marijuana, in a vacuum sealed bag. She brought the box to the the police department to turn it over. Police entered the box and contents into evidence.

"You already got my drugs": Police were called to an address on Newton Street June 25 at 11:19 p.m. after hearing a report of a man, 37, from Hiram, laying in the front yard at the address. The responding officer found him walking along Newton Street. The officer patted him down and found a glass pipe in the rear pocket of his pants. The man denied the pipe belonged to him and stated the pants he was wearing were not his. The officer gave the man a summons for drug paraphernalia, and asked him if he had somewhere to go. The man told the officer that he could go wait at a local business for a ride. The officer said that would not be a good idea since the business was closed and the police department would likely get another call about him. The man then told the officer "That's OK, you already got my drugs." The man was released and the pipe was placed into evidence.

Lengthy stop reveals suspicious activity: Police were called June 28 at 8:10 p.m. to the intersection of Beachwood and Fawnwood drives about a vehicle parked at a stop sign for 15 minutes. As police approached, the suspect turned right without using a turn signal. The vehicle was stopped on Beachwood Drive. The man, 33, from Kent, said he was at the stop sign so long because he was programming his phone. The man was found to have a suspended license. The K-9 from Munroe Falls was called to the scene, and the dog reacted to the vehicle. Police found numerous syringes in the trunk, as well as plastic tear-off plastic bag, used cotton balls, trace amounts of white powder and bloody paper towels. The items were photographed and disposed of into a Hazmat container, and the vehicle was towed. The man was given a summons and released.

Domestic violence

Painting job goes awry: Police were called to a Whitehall Boulevard address June 28 at 6:21 p.m. by a 55-year-old Akron woman who told police she was struck in the face by a 61-year-old Akron man living at the same address as the woman. When police arrived, she said she and the man were completing a painting job when they got into an argument. The man struck her in the face with a paint brush, causing a laceration. The woman was bleeding near her mouth. Police took a photograph of the injury. The man said the woman was arguing with him and annoying him. He admitted to police he lost his temper and hit her in the face with a paint brush. The man was placed under arrest and a police sergeant signed a complaint for domestic violence after the woman declined to. The man was booked under a charge of felony domestic violence due to a prior domestic conviction, and was transported to the Summit County Jail.

Witnesses back up victim testimony: Police were called June 29 at 11:05 p.m. to a Brittain Road apartment complex on a domestic violence report. When officers arrived, they reported seeing the residents of one of the apartments frantically pointing toward another apartment. The officers talked to the woman in the indicated apartment, a 28-year-old woman, who said her live-in boyfriend and the father of her baby struck her in the head as she held the baby. The woman said she didn't have any marks, and the responding officer did not notice any marks on her face and neck. The woman said her boyfriend, 27, had fled. He was later found by other officers outside the apartment building in his vehicle. The man denied any sort of altercation between the woman and himself. The suspect said nothing happened, but later admitted to pushing her.

One of the residents at another apartment said she could hear the man and woman arguing. She looked out her peephole and saw the two in a physical altercation. She said she saw the suspect strike the woman but later changed it to a shove around the shoulders. The witness said the woman was holding her baby during the altercation. The witness said the woman was pounding on her neighbor's door for help and to call the police. The witness also said this was the second time in two days the man and woman had been involved in a fight.

The man was arrested for domestic violence, and has a prior conviction for domestic violence.