MACEDONIA — City officials have announced that concrete curb replacement will begin June 11 on Crow Drive. Once all concrete curb work is complete, asphalt paving will take place. It is expected that work along Crow will last for about eight to 10 weeks.

Beginning June 11, Crow Drive will be restricted to northbound traffic only. Southbound traffic will be prohibited. Motorists are asked to follow all construction traffic signage and proceed slowly through the area. Garbage and recyclables collections will continue on the normally scheduled day.

Temporary mailboxes for all Crow Drive residents will be installed in the parking lot of the commercial office building at 8536 Crow Drive, the second building from Route 82 on the west side of Crow.

The curb will be replaced along one side of the road at a time. While the concrete curb is being replaced directly in front of each resident’s driveway, access to the driveway will not be possible for about five to seven days.

The contractor will provide residents with advanced notification of when the loss of access will occur.

The city will allow residents to park vehicles along side streets during daytime and nighttime hours while driveway access is not available. They also can park in the Crow Drive closed lane of traffic only between 5 and 7 a.m.

For residents who may have special access requirements, contact City Engineer Joe Gigliotti at 440-439-1999 or

Residents who have sprinkler heads or invisible dog fences along the existing curb line should mark those items as soon as possible so all parties are aware of the locations. Residents are encouraged to inform the city to report that such items exist.