HUDSON — During the City Council meeting June 5, Council voted to establish an ad hoc committee and is seeking applicants. 

Council has been exploring the idea of providing city-owned and operated high-speed fiber-optic internet service to Hudson residents. The issue was originally being considered for the November 2018 ballot for funding, but Council decided to push back that timetable and create the committee to bring additional information to City Council, before legislators decide if an issue will be placed on the May 2019 ballot.

The committee will comprise five to seven members who will review the issue of the city establishing a fiber-optic network to provide high-speed internet service community-wide.

The committee will be charged with:

• Reviewing the current high-speed community-wide plan developed by the city;

• Reviewing funding options for a city-provided community-wide network;

• Reviewing the capability of the city to provide and maintain a reliable and well-serviced community-wide internet network;

• Reviewing and investigating options for a community-wide high-speed internet service through means other than a city-owned and operated network; and

• Making recommendations to City Council through a written report to be issued by Oct. 2, 2018.

City Council is seeking applicants with a variety of backgrounds and expertise, including but not limited to technology, accounting and business.

Interested applicants should apply by emailing their interest, along with a resume or bio, to Elizabeth Slagle, Clerk of Council, by June 15. Contact the Clerk of Council at 330-342-1795 with questions.