100 Years Ago (1918)

Alliance police were investigating a "sort of ‘black-hand’ case" after Levi Yeagley, 70, found a letter on his porch at his home on Homeworth Road near the Buck Road intersection that instructed him to leave $600 at a designated spot or suffer the penalty of he and his wife being killed and their home burned. The letter was printed in ink and included a diagram showing where the money was to be placed at a crossroads about a mile north of the Yeagley home where it was stated that a cross would be found painted on a rock.

Alliance Municipal Court Judge Milton C. Moore ordered a gang of approximately 60 foreigners to "get to work somewhere, join the army or go to jail" after a hearing a case of disorderly conduct by attempting to incite a riot against George Gainor, 32, a Romanian. The men, most of them Romanians working in the molding department at the American Steel Foundries, had walked off their jobs following a demand for a raise to 45 cents an hour from 41.5 cents an hour that was refused. Gainor, on the stand, admitted his guilt as to urging several strikers to remain away from their work after they had decided to return. Gainor, who said he had bought two Liberty bonds and donated to the Red Cross fund, was allowed to go without punishment, but warned if he was broughtt o court again, he would be dealt with severely. Upon the dismissal, Moore also instructed City Solicitor C.M. Shetler to inform the idle men through an interpreter that the city did not intend to harbor any idlers and that by quitting their jobs they were interfering with government work, which with the waging of war, was a serious offense.

75 Years Ago (1943)

It was announced that Catholic churches in the Alliance area would fall under the newly created Youngstown Diocese, which included Stark, Columbiana, Portage, Mahoning, Trumbull and Ashtabula counties —six of the 14 counties previously counted in the Cleveland Diocese. Bishop James A. McFadden, Reverend Chancellor of the Cleveland Diocese since 1925, was appointed the Bishop of the Youngstown Diocese.

Sebring resident George Earl Cummings, stationed at Fort Clark, Texas, was promoted to first lieutenant and appointed as provost marshal on the staff of the commanding general.

E.B. Studebaker, vocational coordinator at Alliance High School, reported that more than 500 people had been trained in the war production training program through the school. The training facility was located on East Market Street and was pictured as students William Somers, Homer Sponseller, James Walker, George Castellucci and Wilbur Dixon worked on projects.

50 Years Ago (1968)

U.S. Weather observer Edwin Copeland reported 6.01 inches of rain fell during the month of May in 1968, making it the seventh wettest on record, but nearly double the average of 3.43 inches during May over the 75 years prior.

Mrs. Woodrow W. Wyss, a resident of the 400 block of West Broadway, addressed council, asking why there had been such an uptick in vandalism and what the city was doing about it after a full beer bottle had been thrown through her storm door by three juveniles, according to witnesses. As of June 1, Alliance police had received 285 vandalism reports, compared to 248 for the same time a year before. The total vandalism reports for 1967 was 581.