AURORA — City officials will seek bids for the replacement of the Brown-Keidel Service Center’s roof, which Mayor Ann Womer Benjamin has said is estimated to cost between $1.2 million and $1.3 million.

The mayor told City Council at its May 29 meeting that the roof has been leaking for several months, and a firm contracted by the city evaluated its condition and recommended replacement.

Womer Benjamin said the firm determined the roof needs additional support structures, particularly to handle the weight of heavy snow in the winter. 

"We considered financing the installation with bonds or a loan, but decided that enough money is available from the general fund and emergency capital fund," said the mayor. "We are prepared to seek bids."

Service Director Harry Stark said additional snow guards to keep snow from sliding off the roof also are needed. He said the new roof would be made of the same gauge steel as the existing one.

Council President George Horvat questioned whether the city could take action for damages against the company that designed the building or could seek insurance compensation.

"Since this building was erected in 1999, the statute of limitations has long passed, so there is no possibility of seeking restitution," explained Law Director Dean DePiero. "An insurance settlement would only be possible if damages or injuries were caused by the condition of the roof."

Once bids are obtained and opened, the mayor said they will be brought to Council. The governing body’s next meeting is June 11.

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