Kindermusik at The Hudson School of Music has been named a Top Program by Kindermusik International, the world’s leading publisher of music and movement programs.

Dr. Kathleen Heydorn-O’Dell is an early childhood music specialist and the owner of Kindermusik at WRCA. The Kindermusik Top Program award recognizes excellence in building an expansive program and reaching families in the community with music and early childhood education.

"Kindermusik programs have a mission: helping children become better learners and helping parents understand how to help them reach their highest potential," said Scott Kinsey, CEO at Kindermusik International.

Kindermusik at WRCA joins the elite company of the 200 Top Programs identified as the top educators of the in the world who teach Kindermusik’s music and movement curricula. This particular program has been serving the Hudson community for 20 years. O’Dell purchased it in 2008. 

It has been awarded the Top Program (previously called the "Maestro Award") for all 19 years that it has been given. Today, Kindermusik at WRCA reaches more than 250 families a year with a staff of six licensed Kindermusik teachers.

In the last year, Kindermusik at WRCA was proud to sponsor a concert with the amazing early childhood song writer/musician, Jim Gill, free for Kindermusik families and the Hudson community.

"I started my own children in Kindermusik 20 years ago. This high quality, developmentally appropriate music and movement program offers children opportunities for cognitive, emotional and social growth as well as a love of music that lasts a lifetime. It is the greatest gift to give a young child," O’Dell said.