Evamere Elementary School first graders Isabella Dooley and Zack FitGerald have been nominated and selected for recognition by the "Kids Making a Difference" program, sponsored by The Royster Group and hosted by the Hudson Parent Teacher Organization. Honorable Mention was awarded to first graders Mackenzie Bezdek and Chase Cook. Students are chosen for their significant accomplishments or achievements in and/?or out of school and for helping others and contributing to their school and community in a positive manner.

Isabella Dooley is in Mrs. Obendorf’s class, where her bravery and selflessness has helped others in class, through her willingness to teach them about her life and the lives of others living with Type 1 diabetes. Isabella enjoys cleaning up the courtyards of her school at the beginning of the year and encouraging other students to follow the rules so they are safe. She is a new member on the Flytz gymnastics team and is preparing for her black belt test in taekwondo. 

Isabella is an ambassador for Beyond Type 1 (a non-profit co-founded by singer Nick Jonas that raises awareness about Type 1 Diabetes). In her free time she can be found attending PSR, reading chapter books or playing outside and riding her bike with her brother and sister. When she grows up, Isabella says would like to be an elementary school teacher because she likes helping kids learn — and has been inspired by all of her teachers at Evamere. According to Isabella, kids can make a difference with kindness. 

"If they see another student who is hurt or being bullied because they are different they can tell them that different is good and that they are special," she says.

Zack FitGerald is a first grader in Mrs. Jensen’s class, nominated for consistently coming to school with a smile on his face and a willingness to help those in need. When one of his classmates hurt their hand, Zack wrote a get well card and sent it to them. 

According to his teacher, she has "witnessed him help out kindergarten students who were unsure or scared of doing something new. He has a heart of gold and is already making a difference in the lives of his fellow students at Evamere." Zack enjoys after school sports, riding his bike and playing with friends. When asked about his future, Zack said "I don’t know what I want to do, I’m still learning what I like." Zack believes that kids can make a difference by understanding those makes mistakes — people just need to learn from them and take responsibility, he says.

The Hudson PTO congratulates these outstanding kids who are making a real difference in their school and community. The PTO thanks The Royster Group for their sponsorship of this program and for their generous donation each month. The proceeds assist the students of the Hudson City Schools.