Baughman Township — James D. and Lisa K. Blackford to Ryan S. and Kimbrly L. Hochstetler, 13902 Burkhart Rosd, $177,000.

Canaan Township — Herbert D. and Dorothy M. Eberly to Ronald L. Mellott, 8585 Cleveland Road, $93,500.

Shelly L. Lawton and Norma Pope to Lorna L. Metsker, 150 Sterling St., $137,000.

Christie S. Maxwell to Renea M. Ayers, 158 Burbank St,, $73,000.

Jesse M. Dravenstott to Linda M. Simek, 205 S. Crestview Drive, $143,000.

Chester Township — William J. and Julie A. Sexten to Autumn Harvest Farms Ltd., 5735 W. Smithville Western Road, $500,000.

Chippewa Township — Robert C. Marshall Jr. and Gary Thonen to Jamie E. and Robert M. Williams, Elizabeth Trail, $39,100.

Creena S. and Daniel Verghese, co-trustees to Hummel Land Holdings LLC, Galehouse Road, $240,000.

Mary E. Shoup, successer trustee to William E. II and Courtney K. Dannemiller, 15179 Galehouse Road, $205,000.

Clinton Township — Regina M. Fleming to Aaron W. and Morgan N. Butler, 385 Millbrook Road, Rear, $225,000.

East Union Township — Evelyn M. Cunningham to Dylin T. Churby, 109 N. Millborne Road, $87,000.

David J. and Marcia Weaver to Josie P. Miller, 9554 Dover Road, $304,000.

Franklin Township — Aaron P. Yoder to Zebulun Z. and Emily M. Beam, 4842 Fredericksburg Road, $163,500.

Green Township — Todd A. and Melinda A. Buss to Jeffrey D. and Naomi L. Miller, 7343 Back Orrville Road, $335,000.

Orrville — Amy J. Ramseyer to Michael D. Workman, 1319 W. Market St., $54,000.

Jeffrey R. Dowler to Alexander W. and Catherine M. Sidel, 1706 Meadow Lane, $154,000.

James D. Good and Suzanne M. Baer to Victor M. Diaz Montiel and Shawna K. Montiel, 1125 Dogwood Drive, $184,000.

Rittman — Neil E. and Donna J. Gasser to Bradley C. and Alicia D. Stoller, 40 Pleasant View Drive, $60,000.

Dean J. Brenneman to Donald D. and Deborah A. Steiner, 128 Maplewood Ave., $127,000.

Ron R. and Jessica X. Ho to Eric J. and Amber L. Taliaferro, 14 Cutters Landing, $94,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Wayne H. and Mary M. Miller to Aaron M. and Marlene W. Mast, 4194 Kohler Road, $325,000.

Mary L. Miller to Daniel Miller Jr., 13489 Jericho Road, $135,000.

Wayne Township — First Knox National Bank to Scott A. McCune, 5061 Clear Creek Valley Road, $88,000.

Cody J. Summers to Sawyer M. and Cassandra J. Polen, 969 Sand Stone Drive, $230,000.

Wooster — East Liberty Street Ltd. to The Commercial & Savings Bank of Millersburg, 402 E. Liberty St., $375,000.

Annette L. Palecek, successor trustee to Christian Barbera, Lucca Street, $10,000.

Dean B. and Joan M. Stephen and Stephen J. and Barbee S. Hoffman to 559 Hartzler LLC, 559 Hartzler St., $114,000.

Trent and Brittany Oyer to Matthew S. Goodman, 215 Winkler Drive, $190,000.

Martha E. Whittier to Edward Geitgey, 2802 Graustark Path, $108,300.

Jerry C. Cording to Tammie L. Gaston, 630 Cobblestone Court, $130,000.

Mary Lou Drury, trustees to Dana S. and Kyra D. Phillips, 151 Cannon Drive, $190,000.

Michael D. Gerig to Edward W. Sr. and Diane H. Colvin, 2447 Wetherington Lane, Unit 149, $161,000.

Weaver Custom Homes Inc. to Marjorie R. McGirr, 2618 Wetherington Lane, $212,900.

Rodney H. and Alexandra H. Musselman to John and Tomomi Fishburn, 637 W. Wayne Ave., $254,000.

Andrew Chukwunede to Shaely M. Kapp and Alexander R. Nathaniel, 831 Mindy Lane, $124,000.

Gary D. II and Erin E. McNeely and Alicia A. Pfalzgraf to Brent Carpenter, 786 Western Drive, $57,500.

Carol Peacock, trustee to Jeffrey L. and Amy R. Sigler, 1145 Greensview Drive, $250,000.

John P. and Linda J. Jestel to Richard R. and Robin L. Spade, 4494 Mel Lane, $175,000.

Jacqueline K. Rice to Ryan R. Wittenmyer and Lindsey E. Largent Wittenmyer, 4480 Young Drive, $139,500.