100 Years Ago (1918)

Following an audit of the Alliance Water Department, state examiners noted that the practice of furnishing churches and schools water free of charge should be corrected and that clerk J.F. Hogan should collect a sum of $2,320 from the 21 churches and 12 school buildings for water used from March 16, 1917 to March 16, 1918. Other than that, the examiner stated that Service Director Joseph H. McConnell, Hogan and assistant clerk Ann Conlin were to be commended for the highly efficient manner and attention to detail that was paid to all work of the office.

Jesse Bird, a former Alliance man who was living in Utica, New York, had been named general manager of the Allied Industries corporation in New York City. Bird, who was president of the Bird-Jones-Kenyon Company. in Utica, was associated with the Alliance Overall Company while in Alliance.

75 Years Ago (1943)

Frank J. Conway, familiarly known as Pat, was set to conduct the Sebring McKinley High School Band in a Victory Concert. Conway, who wrote the Sebring alma mater, was head of the Conway Studios in Alliance as well as the Finley School of Music in Salem. He was credited with forming the Sebring McKinley band in 1936, starting out with 16 musicians the first year. By 1943, the organization had grown to 59 musicians.

Members of the 12-A Senior Class at Alliance High School were preparing to present the senior class play, "What A Life." Lead roles in the 26-member cast were to be played by Gene Wyand and Betty Gedra along with Edwin Marini, Bruce Weigel and Bob Williams.

50 Years Ago (1968)

Sgt. Richard Crowder, a 1962 Alliance High graduate who was attending college in Cleveland, had been awarded a Bronze Star for meritorious service while serving in Vietnam fro April 1966 to April 1967.

 Alliance City Hospital Administrator Robert Carey was pictured as he received a certificate of appreciation from members of the diversified co-operative training class at Alliance High School during its annual bosses’ night. Representing the class were James Davis and Rhoda Hall. A total of 18 bosses were honored at Hippety Hop restaurant.

Alliance Street Department employees Paul Kirkpatrick and William Stich were pictured removing a tree that damaged the front porch of the home of Myrtle Mikes in the 300 block of West Man Street during a storm. While damage was relatively light in Alliance, the storm system had produced tornadoes that killed 13 and left more than 700 homeless in southern Ohio and Kentucky.

25 Years Ago (1993)

State Rep. Francis "Jim" Carr, a former educator who served as principal for 27 years at several Alliance elementary schools and also served as mayor of Alliance for two terms in the 1980s, died at the age of 66. A Democrat, the Alliance High and Mount Union graduate  had been elected to represent the new 57th District in the fall of 1992 and was serving in that capacity at the time of his death.

Rob Sandberg of the Stark County Railroad Society and Karl Fiegenschuh of Main Street Inc. were pictured standing beside the caboose in downtown Alliance in preparation of its dedication. The caboose sits on the site of the former New York Central terminal.