WHEELING, W.Va. – Wheeling Hospital, and its affiliates, Belmont Community Hospital (BCH), Belmont Community Health Center (BCHC) and Howard Long Wellness Center (HLW and the Bishop Joseph Hodges Continuous Care Center (CCC) this week honored 16 employees who have reached a significant milestone in their health care careers – all of them have provided the hospital with 25 years of service.

The employees were guests of honor of senior staff at a recognition luncheon. Each received a monetary award and a commemorative Wheeling Hospital comforter.

"Congratulations on reaching a significant milestone here at Wheeling Hospital. Your dedication is an inspiration to us all. We are all proud of you and grateful for your commitment to health care," hospital CEO Ron Violi told the honorees.

Honored at the luncheon were Lorie Barnhouse, Clinic Informatics; Rhonda Beazel, executive staff coordinator; Dorothy Clark, BCH Nursing; Nicole Harris, Laboratory; Mark Holzopfel, Housekeeping; Tracy Lanoy, BCH OR; Lea Marshall, Radiology; Scott McKeets, chief operating officer; Lisa Monroe, CCC Medical Records; Janet Montgomery, CV Step Down; Mella Roskovich, 6th Floor Oncology; Marcie Savage, CCC Dietary; Cathy Smith, Dr. Mosman Office; Nancy Smurda, Endoscopy; Marla Truex, Respiratory; and Rhonda Vanchure, Medical Records.