Many people are interested in solar energy, but few know anything about it. 

Once associated with space satellites and future technology, solar panels have decreased dramatically in cost over the years to become the fastest-growing energy source in the world. Join on April 19 at Barlow Community Center from 6 to 8 p.m. for a talk on solar energy. An eclectic group of proponents has emerged behind the technology: savvy investors, environmentalists and independent Americans looking to go off the grid.

Renewable Hudson, an organization that promotes renewable energy in Hudson, and YellowLite, a Cleveland-based solar installation company, will sponsor the talk, "Is Solar Right for You? Everything You Need to Know About Solar Energy in Ohio." The event will address how solar energy works, why (contrary to popular conceptions) Ohio is a good state for solar, and the support that Hudson has shown for solar energy thus far.

Renewable Hudson, run by Eric Hancsak, conducted a talk at the Hudson Library April 5 about the effects of climate change in Ohio. YellowLite, the biggest residential installer in the state of Ohio, frequently travels around the state to educate people on solar technology.

"Hudson is one of the strongest communities in Ohio for solar," says Azam Kazmi, president of YellowLite. "They have a reputation for being progressive and business-friendly. We have installed solar on houses in Hudson before, but the city has an environmental awareness committee, a solar training program, and is working on larger solar projects ... they’ve always been willing to work with us and other solar installers."