TALLMADGE—A Tallmadge High School teacher was among the recipients of a grant from the Tallmadge Foundation.

Monica Currey received $1,297.10 to help her provide effective science lessons.

"When students are able to participate in activities instead of watching a demonstration, the success of learning is increased exponentially," Currey said. "The funding from this grant proposal would allow the purchase of individual mini-bell jars to enhance the students’ understanding of gas laws specifically related to vacuum and pressure. Students will safely conduct lab experiments that involve expanding a marshmallow, balloon or shaving cream. They will also be able to show that liquids boil at reduced pressure and learn by experimentation that air has mass. The possibility of performing an experiment to actually calculate the density of air will be evaluated."

The grant also will be used to purchase Pop Rocks for a hands-on lab that would have students collect the gas released during the experiment and identify it as carbon dioxide, Currey said.

The final part of the proposal would be to have students "to come up with the best technique to apply to a mineral so that it will produce the most vibrant and adhesive paint," Currey said.

"The inquiry based lab will apply experimental design, chemistry and stoichiometric calculations along with experimentation to combine art with science," she said. "As part of the experiment, students will observe color-changes, gas formation and precipitation reactions."