Editor's note: Fifth in a series of 10 personality stories on the Top 10 academic students in the Loudonville High School Class of 2018.

Brooke Hinkle's plan is to begin the long road of becoming a veterinarian at the Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI) in Wooster this fall.

An honor student carrying a 3.69 grade point average, her plan is to go to ATI for two years, the Ohio State main campus for the next two and then two or three years in vet school.

Her interest in becoming a veterinarian has been a life-long dream.

"We always had pets around the house, dogs, cats, even hamsters, and a couple of years ago, my mother, Dee Hinkle, and I, started working with a dog rescue group, taking in unwanted dogs, and dogs from shelters. We found ourselves with a lot of pit bulls, and other dogs people no longer wanted.

"We work hard with the dogs, many times bringing them back to health, as well as trying to find good homes for them," she continued. "We have eight dogs in our house right now, and at one time we had 12 dogs and 13 cats. But it wasn't as bad as it sounds, because five of those dogs were tiny puppies."

She said she learned a lot about costs of veterinary care as a dog rescuer. "We have found that there are not many vets who provide low-cost care for rescues," she said.

The dog rescue work occupies a lot of Hinkle's time. Her only extracurricular activities at school are band and choir, and she has yet to hold a job, though, with her 18th birthday approaching, she will probably start looking for one. "I played volleyball for one year, but it wasn't me," she smiled. "I also played on the golf team this fall, but I am not very good."

Regarding academics, she lists band and choir as her favorite subjects, along with sciences. Technically, she will start classes at ATI in the biochemical pre vet program. While she enjoys math, she gets Bs in it, and she says "I am definitely not an English person."

Regarding favorite teachers, she cited social studies teacher Eric Stoner as her favorite. "He's a great teacher, he is willing to help us with problems, and is easy to get along with," she said.

She admits "once a teacher tells me something, I usually remember it, but I can't always a pick up knowledge out of a book. When I receive instruction, I generally get it."

When asked if anyone inspired her to do well in school, she offered a unique answer: "I will watch a presentation on a You-Tube video, and that really gets me going as far as doing, or learning, something."

Hinkle is the daughter of Scott and Dee Hinkle of Loudonville. She has an older brother, Chandler, 22, who also lives in Loudonville.