STOW — Anyone who wants to find out more about the Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools, or wishes to see a school board meeting but can’t attend in person, can now find out more on YouTube. 

The school board unanimously approved posting their full meetings on the school district’s existing YouTube channel, which was created in October 2017, starting with the March 13 special meeting and the March 19 regular meetings, which are online. 

Board President Lisa Johnson-Bowers said she hopes "to improve visibility" for the school district.

"There are so many amazing things that happen in the Stow schools, that it is really important for us to start getting it out there and the YouTube channel is just a great way of doing it," Johnson-Bowers said.

Superintendent Tom Bratten said the video recording and posting would be handled by the district’s technology department. 

"That way, if we have an issue with it, we deal with it, we're not dealing with anybody else," Bratten said. 

Board member Dave Licate said that in the past meetings had been recorded, but there were issues with using a third party for recording, including editing meetings and "changing things around."

"That had been an issue at one point," Licate said. "I have no issue with it being recorded. These are public meetings and people should see what goes on here."

Board member Jason Whitacre said he would like to eventually see the school board’s meetings streamed live, "whether it be through Facebook or by a third party."

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