BELMONT — A no-obligation informational meeting for landowners dealing with mineral right is set for Thursday, March 22 at 6 p.m. at Union Local Middle School, 66859 Belmont Morristown Road, Belmont. 

Royalty payments: they are an important source of income for many local landowners who negotiated mineral rights with oil and gas companies, but in some cases, those companies are now taking additional deductions not previously negotiated. Deductions like transportation and other questionable costs. The result? On average, landowners affected are receiving 5% less than what they negotiated.

For many landowners in our area, this is an ongoing problem, particularly with out of state companies. This situation is further compounded by the fact that there is a four-year statute of limitations when dealing with the oil and gas companies – in other words, not much time to resolve an issue such as this. How do landowners know if they are getting their fair share? What action can a landowner take if they aren’t? The legal team from Emens & Wolper Law Firm will be answering these questions at a free, landowner information meeting on March 22nd at the Union Local Middle School.

Columbus based law firm, Emens & Wolper, recently opened an office in St. Clairsville to help landowners with these types of legal issues. Belmont County native Heidi Kemp is the lead attorney in the new office. She specializes in issues relevant to landowners and family businesses.

The meeting will focus on what landowners need to know to ensure they are receiving the royalties they deserve, particularly in regard to invalid deductions. They will also discuss taxes, family transfers and estate planning for royalty owners.