First off, let me say it is difficult to type this on my computer because I cut my right thumb trying to clean the filthy oven in our little log house and it is painful to hit the space bar. The former occupants apparently did a lot of broiling which splattered grease all over the oven, and then just let it bake on. That is partly why we will be getting a new stove next week.

The appliance store called to say your newly ordered refrigerator was also in and wanted to know when they could deliver it. It cannot come a moment too soon because we are both so irritated with the one that came with the house, having a top freezer. We have to almost stand on our heads to see what is in the main part of the thing.

Sadly it will be the end of next week until it will suit for the delivery. We have to make an overnight trip down to South Carolina on Monday regarding the closing of that house. When we get back our friends, Bob and Jayne Cline from Hocking County, will be there to visit us for a couple days on their way back to Ohio after spending several weeks in Florida in the big RV.

Then we need to tackle the problem of getting our old stove out of its moorings. It is a drop in style so it will mean cutting the counter and back splash and whatever holds it in place. I just have visions of all sorts of problems when The Man of the House puts all of his brut force into the situation. We may need more than a new stove when it’s said and done.

I have tried liking this old stove in spite of the dirty oven. The coiled burners heat up really fast, but they are all crooked for some reason. The oven is totally unreliable as to the temperature.

We baked a frozen pizza in it last night. It burned on the bottom and was not very warm on the top. Today, I tried baking my first batch of chocolate chip cookies since arriving here. I moved up the middle rack and added a minute to the usual baking time.

Thankfully, they turned out OK.

The Man of the House is on a mission to rid us of the old and poorly pruned bushes around the place. We think they are azaleas and gardenias but mostly they are beyond saving. I managed to salvage a few hydrangeas from his axe. He has transplanted them in the backyard amidst the ivy that he is hoping will over take the back yard that is not already covered with moss. Amy, the next door neighbor, warned us that copper head snakes like to hide in the ivy so I am a little leery.

The bird and squirrel feeder is in full swing. My animal lover built a little platform and attached it to the railing of our deck. It is right outside the sliding glass door so we get a good view of the squirrels, cedar wax wings an blue jays all competing with one another.

Before he got the feeder built, he left a plastic bag of those black seeds out on the patio table. An enterprising squirrel opened it and sat there a long time gorging him self.

He was most irate when other squirrels tried to join him.

As far as the house is concerned, all of the pictures are hung. We even went out antiquing yesterday and bought a large print to fill the one spot that needed something by the fire place.