Police Reports is a sampling of incidents responded to by local law enforcement agencies. It is not intended to be all-inclusive.

— Cuyahoga Falls —

Criminal mischief

Car struck by eggs: A Pleasant Meadow Boulevard woman reported March 11 that someone struck her car with eggs while it was parked outside her home since the evening before. Police said it was unclear whether there was any damage.

Screws thrown on driveway: A Viewpoint Avenue woman reported March 4 that someone threw a large number of screws onto her driveway since the evening before that she had to clean up before she could use the driveway.


Trailer door kicked open: A State Road man reported someone kicked open his trailer door while he was away during the evening March 10. The man said he believes the trailer was entered because a light he left on was turned off, but he did not believe anything was missing.

Jewelry and DVD player stolen: A Broad Boulevard woman reported March 6 that someone entered her home during the previous five days and and took four gold, silver and diamond rings and a gold necklace totaling about $5,000 in value and a $100 DVD player. A police report did not indicate whether there was forced entry.


Theft from pants reported: A Kent man reported someone took about $150, three keys, a car remote and about 10 key tags from his pants pocket while the pants were on a bench in a locker room at the city's 4th Street Natatorium in the late morning March 10. Police said the total value of the loss was estimated at about $350.

Residents report thefts from vehicles: Two Loomis Avenue residents reported March 10 that someone committed thefts after entering their unlocked vehicles while they were parked outside their homes during the night.

A man reported someone took a digital camera in a case totaling about $400 in value and some loose change from his vehicle. A woman reported someone took about $3 in change from her vehicle.

Items taken from car: A 25th Street man reported March 9 that someone entered his wife’s car through unknown means and took personal items totaling about $45 in value during the night.

Another man living on nearby Chestnut Boulevard reported someone entered his unlocked vehicle and pulled items out of the glove box while the vehicle was parked outside his home during the same time period. Police said nothing was reported missing.

Man arrested during traffic stop: A 23-year-old Westlake man was charged with misdemeanor theft, operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, driving on the wrong side of the road and driving an unsafe vehicle after a Bailey Road service station employee reported the man drove away from the service station with her $175 cell phone after she let him use it at about 2:25 a.m. March 9.

Police said they stopped his vehicle for the traffic violation about 20 minutes later on Bailey near Munroe Falls Avenue. Police said they recovered the phone and returned it to the employee. The man was given a Stow Municipal Court date and released on a personal bond.

Pool sticks stolen from trunk: A Meriline Street woman reported March 6 that someone took two pool sticks in a case totaling about $60 in value from her car's trunk between Feb. 2 and 19.

Gun stolen from vehicle: A Lincoln Avenue man reported discovering March 5 that someone stole his $400 pistol from his vehicle since the middle of January.

Clothing stolen from dryers: A Hardman Drive woman reported someone took her clothing, totaling about $600 in value, from community residential dryers during the late afternoon or early evening March 4.

Man arrested at store: An Akron man, 52, was charged with misdemeanor theft after a Howe Avenue store employee reported March 4 that the man fraudulently returned a 200-piece tool kit and tried to leave the store without paying for an electric welder, with the items totaling about $870 in value.

Hubcaps stolen from vehicles: A Hudson man and a Perrysville man reported someone stole a hubcap, totaling about $65 in value, off of each of their vehicles while they were parked outside a State Road business during the day March 2.

Criminal damaging

Glass door smashed: The manager of a Munroe Falls Avenue business reported someone smashed the business' rear door, causing about $500 in damage, during the early afternoon March 9. Police said there were no suspects.

Car scratched: A Riverview Road woman reported March 4 that someone scratched her car while it was parked outside her home during the previous two days. Police said the damage was estimated at about $300.

Breaking and entering

Cigarettes stolen from store: The manager of a State Road store reported March 7 that someone pried the store's front door lock open and took cartons of cigarettes totaling nearly $1,600 in value during the night.

Criminal trespass

Man found asleep at post office: A 35-year-old man, described in a police report as homeless, was charged with third-degree misdemeanor criminal trespass after police responded to a report that the man was sleeping in the lobby of the 2nd Street post office at about 9:30 p.m. March 7. Police said the man had been warned previously not to come on the property. After charging him, police drove the man to an Akron homeless shelter.

Disorderly conduct

Man cited at Natatorium: An Americana Drive man, 49, was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated after police responded to a report that he was yelling and swearing while he was at the city's 4th Street Natatorium at about 8:30 p.m. March 1.