Baughman Township — John J. Heater to Jessica D. Walton, 15441 Market St., $18,750.

Knetzer Properties LLC to Jordan Properties LLC, 3260 Mount Eaton Road, $220,000.

Canaan Township — John A. Saefkow to Bret A. and Jennifer A. Haven, 947 E. Easton Road, $189,900.

Wayne N. Hostetler to Adam and Amber Callahan, 142 E. Easton Road, $265,000.

U.S. Bank National Association to Jeremy J. and Mary A. Larrison, 113 Coulter St., $52,500.

Debora K. Luke to Brent Webster, 10544 Burbank Road, $98,000.

Ross F. and Jennefer L. Hodgson to Darrell R. and Joy M. Jarvis, 168 W. West Salem Road, $245,000.

Chester Township — First Knox National Bank to Samuel E. and Naomi E. Hershberger, 6014 Cedar Valley, $55,000.

Clinton Township — Jesse C. and Candace A. King to Mary H. Miller, South Wells Street, $1,000.

Wesley A. and Heidi A. McElravy to Janie E. Grosjean, 7026 Lakeside Drive, $179,900.

Chippewa Township — John R. Brunk to Elizabeth A. and Tyler L. Tippins, 13473 S. Portage St., $107,000.

Congress Township — Kevin Sunde to Nathan C. Johnson, 83 N. Main St., $117,000.

Doylestown — Shelley L. and Delbert G. Berger to Daniel J. and Valentine J. Ellis, 68 Hidden Pond Drive, $165,000.

Chippewa Self Storage LLC to Prestige Worldwide Storage Systems LLC, 259 Collier Drive, $950,000.

East Union Township — Larry G. and Gary L. Collins and Lee A. Tedrow to Charles L. and Loretta D. Root, 260 Villard Ave., $150,000.

Ken L. and Elaine Stoltzfus to Steven K. and Leah M. Ice, Shannon Drive, $28,500.

Franklin Township — Grosjean Farms LLC to Marvin J. and Leah J. Hostetler, Moreland Road, $92,988.

Nicholas C. and Karaen A. Westover to James E. and Candice E. Kinney, 337 E. Messner Road, $175,000.

Green Township — Aaron J. and Halee A. Green to Larry D. and Sally L. Markley, Five Points Road, $130,000.

Steffen LLC to Centerra Co-Op, 610 Main St., Rear, $425,000.

Orrville — Alfred L. Bottomley to Ryan A. and Laura A. Weaver, 326 E. Oak St., $127,000.

Jeffrey R. and Amy L. Pertee to Thomas E. and Sandra J. Efaw, 328 Washington Blvd., $86,000.

Dena L. and Steven D. Snyder to Trent Shimanek and Brittany A. Chomyak, 1726 West Hill Drive, $120,000.

Plain Township — Ivan A. and Blondell I Young to Daniel J. Skaggs, 5191 Angling Road, $74,900.

Kelly G. Kaufman to Matthew Bee, 3463 Jefferson Road, $97,000.

Rittman — Stephanie B. Demers to Bert D. Jr. and Elizabeth J. Ambrose, 121 Douglas Drive, $129,000.

Angela M. and Brad W. Ferguson to Tiffany L. Painter, 209 S. Hickin Ave., $91,000.

Jennifer Alison Experience and The Dan Miller Experience to Thomas C. Sarbach and Courteney E. Singer, 99 S. Main St., $95,000.

Orval E. Husk to Marlin L. Horst, 53 Medina St., $27,000.

Salt Creek Township — Daniel D. Hershberger, etal., to Andrew D. and Anna W. Hershberger fee Lizzieann and Susie Hershberger, 11744 Western Road, $125,000.

Eli D. and Susan E. Hershberger to Samuel D. Troyer, 11380 Dover Road, $155,000.

Roy B. and Martha M. Yoder to Andrew B. and Clara D. Yoder and Daniel B. Kaufman, 10902 Dover Road, $285,000.

Sugar Creek Township — Chet and Helen Farms LLC to Alvin A. and Ella L. Miller, Nussbaum Road, $561,064.

Thomas and Judith Kenny to Randall S., Anita R., Clay R., Lauren A. and Cory S. Janson, 4170 Fahrni Road, $305,000.

Jay D. and Ruth A. Yoder to Daniel E. and Amanda D. Troyer, Zuercher Road, $325,000.

Chet and Helen Farms LLC to Aaron A. Yoder, Kidron Road, $273,504.

Samuel E. and Fannie D. Stutzman to Eli D. and Susan E. Hershberger, 13607 Goudy Road, $150,000.

Richard A. and Jeanne M. Blosser to Sarah L. Suppan, 117 Briarwood Drive, $147,000.

Wooster — Rachel L. Roth and Tony E. Indermuhle to Green Acres Investments LLC, 454 W. Larwill St., $84,000.

Robert T. Gates, trustee to Kendra Jacobs, 1446 Bellevue Drive, $147,000.

BER Real Estate Investments I LLC to HEGU 3 LLC, 550 Robinson Road, $2,688,000.

Nancy L. Porter to Cindy E. Weiner, 2457 Barrington Way, $156,000.

Judith A. Matias to Kyle A. and Ashlee N. Tatum, 2457 Barrington Way, $160,500.

Leroy H. and Frances B. Curtis to Matthew W. and Kristin E. Broda, 2117 Fisher Drive, $87,500.

Brian J. and Kaycee E. Porter to Thomas L. and April J. Bump, 4515 Mel Lane, $255,000.

Kirk K. Miller Properties LLC to Daybreak Community Church Inc., 815 Spruce St., $135,000.

James R. Blackwell to David Clark, 510 Hancock St., $300.

Kristina N. Miller to Phillip E. Pollard and Susan M. Rankin-Pollard, 1541 Beall Ave., $205,000.

Timothy E. Jeffries to Richard S. Wenger, 2452 Barrington Way, $165,000.

Kathy L. Odenkirk to Danielle R. Morris, 723 Poplar St., $67,000.

Kathryn Musselman Tobasko to Gregory and Gina Chandler, 722 Quinby Ave., $60,000.

James A. and Mary T. Rycik to Jill M. Forrest, 909 Douglas Drive, $197,500.

Dennis Helmuth to Carisa M. Taylor, 1333 Mechanicsburg Road, $60,000.

Wooster Township — Mark A. Lowers and William Wyatt to Brad J. and Tammy R. Offenbecher, 1872 E. Lincoln Way, $94,600.

Howard T. Nicholson and Catherine S. Hochstetler to Joshua M. and Christina A. Galloway, 1740 Westwood Circle, $175,000.

David N. and Hillary F. Nikkel to Charles J. and Caroline Y. Morris, 313 Russell Circle, $150,000.